Avast Pro

Avast Pro offers you an enhanced and essential security package that is not only light on your system but also on your pocket as well. When it comes to safeguarding your device, Avast combines universally reliable malware protection with the additional features which provide more customization. 

Run the suspicious files in the secure test space by using Sandbox, and safeguard yourself against the DNS hijacking along with the real site. The pro version of Avast Antivirus will secure the system without having to slow down its speed, thanks to smooth cloud computing. What’s more? Avast Pro also comes with the safest browser in the world i.e., SafeZone and the enhanced Game Mode for maximizing the gaming experience. This antivirus solution will perfectly suit those who are not hesitant to pay for getting guaranteed protection but are also willing to keep their budget intact in terms of dealing with the malware threat.

Be its free version or the paid one, Avast has always been the topmost choice for all the security-conscious users out there. It is pretty secure, system light, and feature-rich. The pro paid version provides you with a few additional features that make it enough for justifying the low-cost tag. Be it the pricing, features, and support of Avast Pro Antivirus or its user-friendliness and protection, you will be impressed by all of it. Needless to say, all those people who wish to pay for the robust antivirus that can guarantee them absolute security should go for the pro version of Avast Antivirus. The fact that it offers an amazing list of features to the users makes it a more desirable option among most of the users.


·      Plenty of features

·      Inexpensive

·      Network protection

·      Easy-to-use

·      Active community

·      System performance enhancer

Avast Pro

Avast Pro offers you many features that put the competitors’ package to shame when it comes to the amount you have to pay for the same. The user has protection against the basic malware with the network security, behavior monitoring, and secure browsing. In addition to all this, you are also offered the Sandbox Mode to test files and the Password Manager etc. The latter one will store credit cards, notes, as well as logins and then automatically fill the same in your browser. As far as the Secure Browser is concerned, it offers you an additional layer of security without slowing speeds or forcing search engines.  

The Sandbox mode is something unique to this antivirus software program where one can test the suspicious files in the secure environment. It is specifically useful for those pirates who hoard the data from around the web. The Secure Browser functions as well as looks just like Google Chrome excluding the Google Integration. The video downloader is one of the most special extensions. Avast permits you for downloading video from platforms like Vimeo and YouTube in the native resolution.

·      Highly Configurable

·      Many features

·      Perfect URL filtering

In a nutshell, Avast Pro is the most feature-packed and powerful antivirus solution you could ever ask for.

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