PC protect Review

PC Protect Antivirus Review

Every PC needs an efficient antivirus protection software. Period. Even those users who maintain strict internet discipline, visit only official and legitimate websites, and not use the internet extensively, can fall prey to a cyber attack. Hackers launch new sneaky malware every day to infiltrate the digital world and cause havoc. Since all our data, pictures, videos, etc. along with confidential banking details are stored on our respective systems nowadays, therefore the need to protect them from malicious cyber attacks is bigger than ever. Hackers find security loopholes in the system to exploit and enter the device. PC Protect is an incredibly effective antivirus software that stops such intruders from damaging the user data. Ransomware find new ways to trick the users and steal their sensitive data and credentials. PC Protect makes sure that no such malware can pose any threat to the user.

PC Protect Advance Antivirus

PC Protect is still a relevantly new cybersecurity company that was launched in 2016 with official headquarters in Hampshire but has been increasingly impressing users all over the world with its top-notch features. It offers diverse antivirus solutions for personal and corporate use and works well with various devices and different platforms. Users can choose an optimal plan as per their requirements. Each of the subscriptions offers a wide range of security features along with a few common ones that every pack comes equipped with:

  • Enhanced antivirus protection- Secures all the devices from cyber threats;
  • System optimization and boost- The effective boost tools enhance the overall performance of the system, improves boot-time, and also control apps and irrelevant processes;
  • File manager- It lets the user manage their important documents and files, and keep them organized;
  • Real-time threat detection and protection- The antivirus software continuously scans the system and the web for emerging threats and offers quick solutions against new-found threats;
  • Smart scan- This automated scan sweeps the entire system for any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that hackers might exploit;
  • Powerful firewall- The advanced in-built firewall keeps the system and confidential data secure from cyber attacks.

All these common features spread across all the commercial packs of PC Protect make it an amazing cybersecurity solution that offers dynamic protection against real-time threats present in the vulnerable digital world.

Money-back Guarantee

Although there are no free versions or trials offered by the company, all the commercial antivirus packs do offer a 100 percent moneyback guarantee.

Unlike a free trial version, with PC Protect users can not check for themselves the features that the antivirus software comes loaded with. To use the software, users have to register, create an account with the company, and then subscribe to the plan they feel will deliver the most as per their requirements. With a subscription, users can enjoy maximum protection as a registered member. Even though the user has to pay beforehand, any subscription can be treated as a trial period of 30 days as the user can always ask for a refund if they feel that the antivirus software is not working for them. Users can visit the official website of the PC Protect, go to the ‘Refund’ section, and ask for their money back. Users can either email the details to the billing department or chat with the online customer support executives.

PC Protect antivirus software stops working as soon as the user terminates the subscription. To claim a refund, users need to do so within the first 30 days of the installation of the antivirus software.


PC Protect aims at delivering the best cybersecurity solutions all over the world with minimum system impact. The developers work continuously towards making each and every aspect of the security software better and remain a step ahead than all the other antiviruses as well as cybercriminals at all times. Some of the highlight features that make PC Protect an excellent choice of antivirus software are:

  • Easy installation and set-up guide;
  • Protection for multiple devices under the Pro and Ultimate subscriptions;
  • Supports devices with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android;
  • In-built firewall for advanced protection;
  • Amazing discounts for new users;
  • 30-days moneyback guarantee;
  • Live chat and phone support 24X7.


PC Protect Reliability

PC Protect can be installed on desktops, laptops, and smartphones without any hassles. It is a reliable antivirus program that needs no additional technical knowledge to navigate through. The software requires minimum user input and works efficiently in the background, detecting and removing cyber threats in real-time. It scans the system for any threats and in case duplicate files are found present on the system, the antivirus does not automatically delete them. Instead, it notifies the user and asks for their authorization, thus proving that it can be relied upon for ultimate virus protection and system optimization.

PC Protect detects and removes malware from the user’s system before they can cause any harm. It also blocks spyware from tracking the user’s online behavior and prevents them from stealing sensitive financial data and user passwords. With PC Protect by their side, users can surf the web securely. The infallible antivirus software screens websites for any potential threats before the user visits them and also blocks unsafe downloads and malicious websites.

Many hackers create spam emails and fraudulent websites to dupe users into giving away their personal information and banking credentials. PC Protect blocks any such phishing attempts in real-time and protects the user from identity thefts. The antivirus software also removes malicious adware and pop-ups on any website that the user visits and prevents unauthorized downloads.

Overview of Various Key Features

The integrated antivirus software comes with numerous features that protect the systems from cyber threats, maintain user privacy and also enhance the performance of the system.

  • Advanced firewall protection
  • Real-time threat detection
  • Anti-malware
  • Secure Web Shield extension
  • Password vault
  • Email protection and spam filter
  • Identity protection
  • Disk cleaner
  • Browser manager
  • Browser cleaner
  • PC tune-up
  • Smart scanner
  • System optimization tools
  • Smartphone optimizer
  • Live support

Product Line-up and Pricing

PC Protect offers three different antivirus subscriptions for users to choose from. Each of the antivirus software offers optimum security tools and features designed according to various user requirements.

Essential Antivirus

This is the basic pack offered by PC Protect that offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to one device for one year. A new customer can subscribe to the basic pack at just $24.95 for the initial year, with a renewal cost of $99.95. Although this package is at the lowest level in the security trio offered by PC Protect, it still delivers far more advanced protection than any other basic antivirus software. Apart from consistent threat-detection and removal, the Essential antivirus software also comes equipped with several system optimization tools that help in keeping the device up-to-date at all times.

Pro Antivirus

The next product in the security tier is the Pro Antivirus. It offers all-round protection to up to 3 devices under a single subscription and comes at a nominal $39.95 for new customers. Apart from the safety features included in the Essential subscription, this antivirus pack comes with an additional password vault. Users with regular internet usage can subscribe to this antivirus pack and get superior protection from everyday malware and viruses.

Ultimate Antivirus

The premium security pack offers top-notch security tools and features for new customers at a discounted rate of $59.95 for the initial term, instead of the regular $149.95. This plan supports up to 5 devices under a single subscription and offers an additional smartphone optimizer to keep the device up-to-date and protected from targeted malware. The Ultimate Antivirus subscribers also enjoy unlimited 24X7 customer support with priority benefits.

Installation and System Requirements

The installation of the antivirus software is easy and fast. One can download the installation file from the official PC Protect website and an installation wizard guides the user through the process. After choosing the required plan from the given options, the software is installed on the system. Create a personal account to start using the PC Protect antivirus software. An active internet connection is required when installing the software for the update of the latest virus definition in the program. After the installation process is complete, reboot the system, and run a full system scan to remove existing viruses and malware from the device.

The antivirus software is fully compatible with all Windows OS versions and protects both laptop and desktop perfectly. The system requirements for the installation of PC Protect are:

  • Minimum 512 MB RAM;
  • 1.6 GHz processor;
  • Up to 600 MB of free space on the system.

Apart from the Windows devices, PC Protect antivirus software also supports Mac OS, iOS, and Android platforms. The antivirus software offers all-round protection to devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android smartphone, and Android tablet. The various key settings in the antivirus program are common for most of the devices and can be adjusted according to user requirements.

User Interface

PC Protect User Interface

PC Protect antivirus software comes with a sleek dashboard and a friendly user interface that is easy to use. Large key security icons are displayed on the main screen along with notifications about various issues to be resolved and pending scans. There is also a prominent ‘Scan Now’ button on the main screen itself that runs a full system scan when activated.

Scanning options

PC Protect Smart Scan

PC Protect antivirus software offers various scanning tools to remove malware and viruses from the system and keep it secure at all times.

  • System Scan- An in-depth scan is run on the system to detect and remove hidden threats and malware within legitimate apps and programs
  • Quick Scan- All the active files and applications on the system are scanned for potential cyber threats trying to sneak into the device

Apart from these basic scans, PC Protect also automatically scans any external device connected to the system and offers manual scanning options to scan a target file or folder that the user may find suspicious. The antivirus software also runs scheduled scans to sweep the system at regular intervals as dictated by the user.

Customer Support

The excellent customer service provided by PC Protect for all of its users is perhaps one of the best selling points of the antivirus software. Users can chat online with the customer care executives regarding any antivirus queries and get solutions for the same quickly. Other than the 24X7 live chat option. Users can also email their queries to the company connect via telephone. There is also an FAQ section on the official website of PC Protect where the user can find answers to most common queries and also get an in-depth guide as to how to install or uninstall the software, or use it. Any technical issues being faced by the user or problems regarding the billing of the product are also conveniently resolved by the efficient company reps.


PC Protect is a strong cybersecurity suite that offers all-round protection to millions of users all over the globe. In a very short span of time, this new entrant in the antivirus sector has carved a niche for itself. While many people might think that the antivirus software is mainly for Windows users, it is actually not true at all. PC Protect has built its antivirus software keeping in mind the various platforms that numerous devices work on. It offers high-end protection to popular devices such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even Android. With a straightforward user interface, advanced security features, system optimization tools, and continuous customer support, PC Protect is gradually becoming a favorite among users. It deals with digital threats effectively and its added firewall keeps cybercriminals at bay. Though not all users might wish to splurge on the commercial antivirus software, they can definitely use the program for 30 days and see for themselves just how effective its protective features are, or get their money back within the specified period.

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