Avast Antivirus for Mac

Avast Antivirus is an internet security application designed by Avast to provide protection against malware software such as Trojan horses, worms, viruses, spyware and prevents from the attacks of ransomware software. The Avast is dedicated in creating a world that provides safety and privacy irrespective of the location of their user, who they are and, how do they connect to the digital world. They provide next-gen technologies to deal with emerging cyber threats and cloud-based learning machine that receives data from millions of their users which facilitates their artificial intelligence smarter and faster than anyone else. The dedicated and keen researchers and security engineers work on their policies to provide maximum benefits to their user. It is available in both free and paid installation.

The Avast antivirus for Mac provides essential protection against all threats and the new Pro Version of the antivirus exposes the Wi-Fi intruder and stops the attacks of ransomware. It not only blocks the viruses, spyware, and malware but also scans the entire Mac to expose the hidden threats. It runs in the background of the Mac to block the threats as they appear and target the specific files and folder for the faster scan. It also scans the external drives such as CD, DVD, USB, etc when attached to Mac. It automatically schedules scan for your device when you are sleeping or away from your device. It automatically updates the new security features. It provides the in-depth scan of Mac to expose out the hidden malware and the user can remain informed with the personalized security reports of every 30 days. It even prevents the user to share the malicious files with their friends who use PCs.

Avast antivirus for Mac blocks the dangerous websites and downloads and prevents the malicious website to transport malware into the Mac which disrupts the normal working of the system. It warns the user from unsafe links and attachments while checking emails or browsing on the Internet. It redirects the user to the correct website if the need arises. It prevents the user from sending and receiving any kind of malicious emails that destroy the efficient working of the system.

The Avast antivirus for Mac scans the entire network and other connected device and exposes the weakest network in your Wi-Fi network and help the users to protect their sensitive information for the hackers.

The premium package provides additional security to Mac by exposing the Wi-Fi intruders and helps to keep the hackers out and alerts the user when someone joins your network instantly. The Avast antivirus for Mac protects the files and photos of the users so that no personal memories can be changed without your permission. The Secure line VPN tracks everything that user does online and generates passwords for the security of the private data of the user. The Cleanup pro helps to clean the disk space without deleting the precious files that help Mac to run smoothly.  The user can download the free version which provides basic security to its users and can purchase the paid version to avail the benefits of security features.

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