Avast Free Edition

Avast free edition of antivirus is not like the other run-of-the-mill antivirus softwares that claim to deliver complete protection from cyber-attacks, but when the user downloads them, they ask for a minimum charge to access such features. With Avast free antivirus software, the users do not have to worry about any hidden costs whatsoever. This software offers exactly what it says. It provides basic security from various online threats such as spyware, ransomware, and viruses, along with a few advanced protective features.

The CyberCapture feature automatically sends a suspicious file for further analysis over the Avast cloud network. If a threat is confirmed, the company immediately develops a fix for the issue and sends out updates to its users worldwide. Avast free edition comes with a Smart Scan feature that regularly scans the device for any hidden threats. It also inspects the device for any unsafe settings and vulnerable passwords, along with notifying the user of any out-of-date software and suspicious browser add-ons. The free antivirus software detects and blocks any malicious malware before it can affect or damage the data on the device.

Avast offers a network security feature called WiFi Inspector in this free antivirus software. This feature is mostly found on a paid version in the rival antivirus software companies, therefore, Avast is a popular choice among the next-gen to keep their devices secure without any cost. Avast free edition keeps the user’s home network secure by automatically detecting any weaknesses in the network. It also warns the user about unauthorized devices that might be piggybacking on their network. With its real-time analysis of the device, the antivirus software provides protection against the new malware that crop up regularly in the digital world.

Along with all these protective features, the new Avast free antivirus software has introduced Behavior Shield. This feature not only monitors the installed applications on your device for malware, but it also keeps a check on their behavior and warns the user of any suspicious activities or if the user data is accessed by any application without authorization. The users can also watch their favorite movies, and play video games without being interrupted by annoying pop-ups. The ‘Game Mode’ in the free Avast antivirus software has been upgraded to the ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ which allows the user to present in a full-screen without being distracted by notifications.

Avast free edition has a great and user-friendly interface that everyone can navigate through without any fuss. The Password Manager tool allows the user to keep all of his or her passwords in one place, which can be accessed by setting up a secure ‘master’ password. The free Avast antivirus software provides all-round protection at zero cost. One can find over 400 million loyal Avast customers all over the world who can support the claim that Avast antivirus software is the best program that offers such unparalleled and advanced security features. The fact that even Microsoft backs Avast and is partners with it should be proof enough as to just how effective this Avast free edition is.

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