Avast Antivirus Download

Avast is a world-renowned antivirus company that offers various antivirus software for personal as well as professional use. Avast antivirus download comes with a free version that has the basic set of security features as well as some advanced features, and paid versions that are priced differently, according to the tools and features offered. The free antivirus software offered by Avast comes packed with features that help detect and block malicious malware, spyware, and viruses, and provides real-time analysis of the PC’s data.

The free antivirus software comes with a WiFi Inspector that helps keep the home network secure and notify the user about weaknesses and unauthorized users. The antivirus also has the unique CyberCapture tool that automatically sends any suspicious file for further analysis on the Avast cloud network. If the threat is confirmed, immediate action is taken against the malware and updates are sent out to all the Avast users. Avast antivirus download for free also has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode that allows the user to present in full-screen without getting interrupted by constant notifications. It also lets users play games or watch movies uninterrupted. Apart from these, Avast has a password manager tool that allows the user to manage all passwords in one place, using a secure ‘master’ password.

The different paid subscriptions offered by Avast include packs like Avast Internet Security, Avast Premier, Avast Ultimate, etc. starting from $59.99 per year. All these subscriptions have the basic features provided with the free version, along with several advanced security tools that help in keeping the devices secure from any kind of cyber-attacks. They have an advanced firewall that helps prevent hackers from gaining access to the user’s data and personal information.

Avast antivirus download comes with Ransomware Shield feature, no unknown application is allowed to access a user’s personal information without any authorization. This helps in keeping a check on ransomware lurking around and keeping them at bay. The Internet Security plan has several other impressive protection features such as anti-spam that helps in keeping the fake websites away and automatically redirects the user to authentic and verified websites, passive mode helps the software work co-efficiently with an existing antivirus software, sandbox helps the user test a suspicious file in a secure environment first, before opening it on the PC and risking contamination. The even more advanced Avast antivirus download of the Premier Version includes all of the aforementioned security tools and also has premium features like Cleanup, SecureLine VPN, sensitive data shield, data shredder, etc.

All of the Avast antivirus softwares are compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and offer a wide range of protective features, curated in different subscriptions for various needs. If you are looking to keep your PC at home secure without paying a huge amount for it, then Avast free antivirus software will work best for you. But if you are looking for some more advanced features, then check out the other paid products and compare the features provided in each one of them, to discover the one that suits you the most.

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