F-Secure Antivirus Review

F-Secure is a Finnish Security company that has been one of the champions of the AV industry during its 30years of existence. F-secure offers a bulk of security products and tools for both Home and enterprise use. One of the Home products by F-secure is F-Secure Antivirus that has won the title of best protection program due to its high malware-detection rate, five times consecutively in the security tests held by AV test Comparatives. F-Secure Antivirus is available for a 30days free trial and the program is compatible with Windows and Mac devices.


  • Accurate Malware Detection and Removal
  • Real-time Scan
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Easy Installation
  • Beam-fast Performance
  • Light Weight
  • Affordable


  • Limited Features
  • No Internet Protection
  • No URL Scanner
  • No privacy Protection
  • No Automatic-Backup
  • Less Configuration setting
  • Only Compatible with Windows and macOS.


 F-Secure Antivirus is designed with a user-friendly interface and one can hardly face any difficulty while using the program on the devices. F-secure Antivirus does not bother the users by displaying unnecessary notifications. Performance-wise F-Secure Antivirus runs at maximum speed in the system background leaving minimal impact on the power resource. F-Secure Antivirus occupies a little space in the storage and works constantly without slowing down the system or raising issues like system heat-ups. 

  As already asserted F-Secure Antivirus comes with a free trial policy. To avail of this benefit, users are required to sign in to F-Secure Antivirus with their valid email address entering the CAPTCHA code. After the completion of users’ signing up process for F-Secure Antivirus Free Trial, F-secure shares the link of free download of the product and the license key through the mail. The users are needed to visit the link and the download of the file will take place.  F-Secure Antivirus installs in seconds without bothering the users to go through complicated configurations. The program is brilliantly designed for straight-forward usability and automatic receiving of product updates so that it never allows a chance of security compromise.

  F-Secure Antivirus is designed with both advanced scan engines equally preferred by Bitdefender Security for ultimate forensic scrutinization as well as F-secure scanner. Needless to explain why F-Secure Antivirus ‘s detection rate is unprecedentedly accurate that it detected 10 real-world malware components during its protection course.


  F-Secure Antivirus only focuses on heuristic protection against malware and ransomware threats. So, this is why the features of F-Secure Antivirus are limited in number. However, the specification of features does not exceed beyond malware scanning and virus-protection security measures and settings. The robust scan engines of F-Secure Antivirus run an acute scan through the entire system and detects malware components along with viruses from each corner. After detection, F-secure Antivirus immediately eliminates those malware files and restores the infected areas by taking recovery measures.

  Spyware elements like rootkits, trojans, keyloggers, etc tend to collect private information and card details of the legal users and hide in the guise of authentic files. The malware scanner of F-secure Antivirus identifies such elements and neutralizes their actions to prevent evil operations from taking place.  F-Secure Antivirus works as a protective shield so stop malware files from entering into the main device from external sources. The scanning operation also includes the externally connected devices such as USB and memory cards and checks if any malicious content is contained in them.

  F-secure Antivirus also stands against advanced ransomware threats. The program scans the email section along with email attachments. The program also scans the downloaded section and finds out if any potential threat file is present. It blocks ransomware attacks by detecting them and keeps the users secured from encryption attacks by hackers who ask gratification money.

  F-Secure Antivirus is designed for automatic updates so that no security holes emerge to surface and hackers don’t get a chance to take advantage of the security weakness. Apart from virus protection, F-Secure Antivirus removes junk files along with malware files and thus benefits the system with better optimization level by enhancing the performance speed, freeing the memory of unnecessary occupancy of junk files and expanding the battery life. As a result, the system never faces issues like slowdowns, over RAM usage and heat-ups.

Vanishing Points

Despite high detection accuracy and supreme malware threat protection, F-Secure Antivirus lacks in fulfilling other security requirements in comparison with other relevant AV programs such as Avast, Avira, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender. F-Secure Antivirus is mainly based on scanning operations, it only provides protection only after the devices catch the infection. It does not take precautionary measures to prevent hypothetical attacks. The program also lacks in providing basic internet security. F-secure offers a wide range of security program and F-Secure Antivirus is probably the one that falls behind the rest as far as the features beneficence is concerned. F-secure Antivirus lacks useful features like- Safe-browser, URL scanner, Download protection, Site-blocker, Parental Control, Safe-vault, Password manager, Anti-phishing, Payment protection, Firewall, File Shredder, Anti-theft, cloud-backup, media protection, optimization tools and many more. Moreover, F-Secure Antivirus is only compatible with windows and mac devices while most other AV companies launch their products with multi-platform and multi-OS compatibility. 

Comparison with Prominent Products of F-secure

While comparing to F-Secure INTERNET SECURITY,  F-Secure Antivirus is not assembled with web protection to stop cyber threats that may occur while surfing through the internet. F-secure Antivirus does not include HTTPS monitor to check the URL address and site-blocker to block harmful websites or fraud websites that intend to fetch users into phishing targets or infect the system through injecting malicious files via automatic downloads. Unlike F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure TOTAL, F-Secure Antivirus does not include download protection. To put it another way, F-Secure Antivirus does not stop malicious downloads from taking place. The program only takes Quarantine measures after the malicious downloads are complete. But, However, F-Secure Antivirus does run a pre-scan operation of the downloaded files and eliminates the malicious files before they launch their evil operation on the computer. So this can be counted as one of the merits of F-Secure Antivirus.

   F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure TOTAL, both come with Firewall Security to prevent botnet attacks, Network protection to reduce internet traffic and prevent intruders from sneaking into home network and user privacy, Parental Control with web-filter and Screen Time limitation, VPN to hide users virtual presence while surfing through the internet, Identity protection, Remote Control Access to run multiple devices at one time,  Bank-protection, Detection of application behaviour, Denying access of unauthorized application over device’s media like webcam and microphone, and other premium features. F-Secure Antivirus against falls behind while integrating these defensive features into its specification.

  However, F-Secure offers some additional security tools such as F-Secure FREEDOM VPN to hide online presence and secure identity, F-Secure KEY to manage all account passwords and to keep credentials safe and secure, F-Secure DATA DISCOVERY PORTAL to trace what details of legal users are in the capture of tech hackers and to take precautionary steps to protect data, F-Secure DIGITAL LIFE TEST to check how safe users’ online access to the internet is, F-Secure ONLINE SCANNER to detect and eliminate sophisticated files from the main system and F-Secure ROUTER CHECKER to check the internet route for absolutely free of cost. These tools can be used alongside F-Secure Antivirus to compensate for the lacking security features the program itself can not afford.


F-Secure Antivirus offers the privilege of 24/7 customer service and shares security updates to stand against malware threats. F-Secure customer support is quickly responsive to customer queries. The support team is always up to help and guide the users to resolve any technical issues or difficulties regarding accessibility. One can contact the helpline directly through the toll-free number or the email. F-Secure also has an online guidance help center. The customer care facility is available in dominant languages including English.

Final Verdict

F-Secure Antivirus is undoubtedly a worthwhile antivirus product that detects and eliminates malware files through a brilliant detective operation. The program is a must need for every computing device that requires basic virus protection to stand against the threats of spyware, malware, ransomware, and other viruses. Keeping aside all limitations and drawbacks, F-Secure Antivirus is still preferred by millions of users and highly valued by Tech-Experts. F-Secure Antivirus has scored 99.9% detection in scanning vulnerability and discovering malware threats including zero-day threats and F-Secure Antivirus has stood against 185 email sample threats, detected and prevented more than 10684 samples of old malware threats till date. Talking about Features, the users who have a great taste on AV features and look for an ultimate security program that will cover not only virus protection but also privacy and internet protection, may get frustrated with F-Secure Antivirus as it lacks premium features. But one who is looking for accurate editor’s choice level of malware detector and virus eliminator for their devices can definitely give a try to F-secure Antivirus. F-Secure Antivirus is a truly preferable Virus protection software that keeps the promise it does with utmost accuracy. Users can also go for upgraded products of F-Secure, significant among them are F-Secure TOTAL, F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure INTERNET SECURITY.

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