Which Antivirus Software Do Large-Scale Companies like Corporate Organizations Use?

In businesses, especially those that are digitally run, computer system security is a must. Hackers and malware makers are always on a lookout for breaking into systems of large corporations. The threats of ransomware are specifically looming over big brands. Every year the loss of thousands of dollars is incurred because of cyber safety issues. If a company’s operations are paused for two or three days due to malware attacks then it can incur huge losses.

While it is not possible to 100 per cent ensure safety from different kinds of malware, the scope of risk can be reduced drastically by employing good antivirus and malware protection software in large scale companies and corporate.  A virus invasion in company’s database does not just mean a loss of huge profits but can also lead to a loss of customers and sensitive information.

Before picking a suitable antivirus program for your company, one must be clear about the specific needs and conditions of their business. Some antivirus program has great scanning but slow anti-phishing features and some have excellent malware detection but do not have VPN service. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of every software before settling to make any purchase.

A good antivirus program should be tailored to your company’s need. It should be cost-effective, efficient, must have a guarantee, and provide 24-hour customer care service. There are many free and paid anti-malware software present in the market today; which makes making a suitable and appropriate choice amongst hundreds of options is a hard choice. Many rounds of comparisons and feedbacks are done before corporate organizations pick their anti-virus software.

Ever Increasing Risks

Viruses have been plaguing the computer and gadget industry ever since the early 1980s, and over time they have only gotten more strong and discreet. The increasing number of malware that targets commercial portals has been troubling business houses for a while now. Malware can breach into the company database, or infect devices of the company’s employees and clients by infiltrating their devices through emails. Viruses are able to enter systems by external tools like pen drives and hard disks too. It is almost impossible to stay vigilant about malware infiltrating one’s systems. Even brands like Microsoft and institutions like Stanford University and government portals have fallen prey to hacking.

Thankfully, the market is equipped with a set of effective anti-malware software that strengthens web security of small and big enterprises alike.

Choosing between Free and Paid Software

The internet is full of high functioning free of cost and open source anti-virus software. However, even though this software works perfectly for individual devices, they aren’t aimed at businesses. Free software doesn’t guarantee full proof of security and lacks accountability by offering no warranties. A business can not compromise on the safety of its client. Hence investing a good anti-virus program is worth it in the long run. Over time the anti-malware program pays by deterring legal or logistical issues that are caused by malware invasion. Paid antivirus has special business standard features and centralized control that is missing from free source versions.

Some popular antivirus software for corporates

Here we have made a list of some antivirus software that large-scale companies like corporate organizations use.

  • Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced

This is extremely advanced software that uses preventive techniques to detect and destroy malware with the least number of false positives. It is a very impressive piece of software, especially in terms of zero-day malware. Zero-day malware means unknown computer virus that has not been detected and discovered before. It is extremely lightweight and its biggest strength is it does not affect the performance of a device.


Bitdefender is a well-known name in the anti-malware industry. It has established its name by top-class performance and advanced features. It is very easy to use and provides 24 hours of support for businesses that subscribe to its paid corporate package. It promptly detects malware threats and does not impact the operations of a system as it runs important scans or other tests. The ability of Bitdefender to find out even undiscovered and latest malware invasion attempts is outstanding and this ensures the safety of your corporate gadgets.

Panda Antivirus Pro

Panda Antivirus Pro has an illustrious history of cyber security from malware and other virus threats like viruses. It has features like in time detection and scans which keep the safety of one’s internet supported device intact. The features like cloud security mean that one can access the antivirus services anywhere in the world without the need to individually download the anti-virus software if the user can access their subscription to Panda Antivirus Pro online.

F-Secure Client Security Standard

F-Secure Client Security Standard is a good option for corporate antivirus programs. It has been, over the years, gained much praise from many autonomous testing labs. It has basic antimalware features like web scanning, intrusion filters, and a firewall. Its password protection makes sure that online shopping or bank transactions are well guarded. This feature is especially praised and accessed because more and more people are using online money transactions these days.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a super popular antivirus program. It is quick to download and run due to its lightweight feature and has a central system of management. The software has value for money factor and it does not disappoint its users. It detects Trojans, ransomware, and phishing emails with utmost accuracy and swiftness. The false positive detection rates are the bare minimum with Symantec Endpoint Protection.


Webroot is climbing the ladder of being a popular commercial antivirus software. It is most well suited for medium-sized enterprises. The best thing about Webroot is that it takes only 750 KB of space and its operations are very smooth. Its user-friendly interface means that Webroot can be used by even beginners. In the coming years, Webroot is expected to stand at par with old and established programs like Bitdefender.