Avast antivirus free download for windows 10

Avast is a company that is synonymous with cyber-security. One of the most trusted antivirus software with over 400 million loyal customers, Avast free antivirus 10 download now ensures that your newly upgraded Windows 10 PC has all the protection that it needs, right from the beginning. Avast is fully compatible with Windows 10, leaving no room for any gap in the protection of your data and personal information from cyber-attacks. 

A good antivirus software is one where the user does not have to bother with the daily updates or tons of notifications from the software. A great antivirus software quietly works in the background eliminating any threats and malicious malware while the user continues to work online without any lag or disruption.

Avast has all of the aforementioned qualities and more. Avast antivirus free download provides the best features that you can expect to get in a software being offered for free. 

The award-winning antivirus software comes with an extra set of security features, such as password manager, remote assistance, etc. With its Password Manager feature, you can stop worrying about remembering to type-in the correct passwords every time you log-in to your PC. All your personal information such as banking details, credit card numbers, debit card numbers, etc. are safe, sound, and secure. You can set up one Master Password to access all of your accounts. 

Those of you who have recently updated your systems to Windows 10 must have noticed that the protection offered is very basic and limited to your PC only. Avast free antivirus 10 download secures not only your PC but also the network you are working on. It has advanced features such as Software Updater, which keeps your antivirus software up to date. An outdated software is a ticking time-bomb which the hackers can exploit and take advantage of. To ensure that your PC is protected from cyber-criminals at all times, all you have to do is click on the Software Updater icon to keep your antivirus up to date. With just one click, you can also get rid of all the trash that has been stored in your browser and remove unwanted extensions and browser toolbars.

But if the word ‘free’ is creating a shadow of doubt in your minds, we would like to tell you that Avast works on the principle that each and every device should be secured and protected from even the most common and negligible threats. That’s why the company offers Avast free antivirus 10 download so that you can try and see for yourselves just how effective this antivirus software is. And the fact that Avast is official partners with Microsoft should also be a loud and clear message that it’s a company to be trusted and depended upon when it comes to protecting your PCs from hackers and thieves.

Its installation is a ridiculously easy and lightening-fast process that even the non-specialists can work on. Its user-interface is also pretty simple, designed for effortless security. The improved and quicker UI also allows you to customize the homepage and place the icons in the sidebar that you most often use. With real-time detection, Avast picks up and treats the threats and malware as they appear, notifies and blocks access to dangerous links.

There is also the latest addition of Behaviour Shield, which continuously checks all your apps for any suspicious links or activities. For those who love to play games or watch movies without being interrupted with nonsensical notifications, you can simply switch on the Do Not Disturb Mode, previously known as Game Mode. This mode allows you to go full-screen and blocks pop-ups and other interruptions. This is also a great trick to use when presenting in a meeting.

If you are working on a corporate network, it is quite possible that one infected file in the cloud can affect all the systems that it’s shared on. For preventing such mishaps, Avast brings to you CyberCapture that automatically sends any infected or even slightly suspicious files from the cloud for analysis thereby saving important and crucial data from being lost or being hacked.

 Its new feature, Wi-Fi Inspector automatically detects the vulnerable points in your network and also warns you about strangers on your network. 

All-in-all, Avast free antivirus 10 download brings to you an even more simplified software, a clean and effective UI with all the comprehensive security and protection needed for a Windows 10 PC. All these reasons make Avast Free Antivirus the best software for those who are looking for free but reliable antivirus software.

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