Avast Antivirus for Laptop Windows 10

Windows 10 laptops come with in-built antivirus software, Windows Defender offered by the company. With an antivirus on their side, the users of Windows 10 do not feel the need to install any other antivirus to further secure their laptops. Avast antivirus for laptop Windows 10 is a fully compatible software and is even partners with Microsoft. If you still think that Windows Defender can protect your laptop alone, well, think again. With Microsoft backing Avast, one thing is clear for sure, Windows Defender can not alone do all the heavy lifting, and needs another security program for help. One of the best things about Avast is probably the fact that it works just the same in a Passive Mode, meaning, it can work alongside a previously installed or an in-built antivirus like Windows Defender. As a secondary antivirus program, Avast offers protection and patches security issues that the primary antivirus software does not look at.

Avast antivirus for laptop Windows 10

Avast antivirus for laptop Windows 10 has a refreshing and intuitive user interface that is easy to use. The user can also customize the home page according to his or her own needs, along with the side menu bar. Its unique Smart Scan feature quickly scans the laptop and is a combination of all the various essential scans. Aside from Smart Scan, Avast also offers Full System Scans and Boot-time Scans. The Boot-time scan is quite helpful as it scans and removes persistent malware even before the Windows load.

The antivirus software provides security from the various cyber-attacks by analyzing data in real-time and blocking any suspicious links. With its WiFi Inspector feature, Avast antivirus for laptop Windows 10 provides a detailed report to the user about the devices that are using the network. Therefore the user can see if any unauthorized device is piggybacking on their home network. Along with this, the network security feature also notifies the user about any weaknesses that it may find in the network.

Along with the advanced security tools and features to block malicious malware, spyware, and ransomware from damaging the data on the laptop, Avast also comes with a toolbar remover tool. It helps in removing any unauthorized browser extensions and add-ons that may have been downloaded without the user’s permission. Avast antivirus for laptop Windows 10 scans and inspects all of the user’s emails before the user opens them, to find and remove any hidden threats in the links or the attachments. The users can also manage all of their passwords at one place only, using the password manager tool by Avast. All that one needs to do to access his or her passwords is create and set-up a unique, secure ‘master’ password.

Avast is a reliable antivirus software that more than 400 million people worldwide trust upon to keep them and their laptops safe from various online threats like malicious malware, spyware, ransomware, and viruses. Avast antivirus for laptop Windows 10 is a great choice of antivirus software for those looking to keep their data protected at a very decent cost.

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