Free download Antivirus for PC

PC means the personal computer which is used for multi-purposes. It is usually run by an individual rather than a computer expert or technician. The user may download various applications according to their own need. On the personal computer, an individual can work according to their own choice. For instance, they can search for any kind of information they needed with the help of internet connection. The user can play the games as per their interest. The user can also delve them into various social networking sites. There are various types of the personal computer such as Desktop computers, Laptop, Tablet, Smart phones, Pocket PC and Ultra-mobile PC.

Antivirus software

provides protection against various types of malware software that can disrupt the effective working of the operational systems. It helps us to prevent and detect viruses that entered when the system is connected with various networks channel. Viruses are known as malware software that intends to damage the proper functioning of the system. Viruses are intentionally designed by the hackers to steal the personal information of the user and send it to various entities without the consent of the user. Such viruses are also designed by hackers to provide benefits to them by threatening the nation’s security.

Antivirus software is available to user in both paid and free installation. The user can download the paid and free version according to their needs. There is a certain advantage for the user to have free download antivirus for Pc. The free antivirus software is free of cost and provides decent level of protection against malware software. It provides vast variety of systems, network and programs. It helps the user to avoid pops-ups and other forms of advertisement that make it difficult in paid version of the antivirus software.

The free download antivirus for Pc enables you for committing to any one product. You can switch to another antivirus when you don’t get the desired performance. It provides you an opportunity to compare one product with another and to choose according to your needs and desired good detention ratio product. It also prevents the system from getting down crash as viruses’ damage the computer by slowing down in its process. It can enter by infecting certain files or the document spreading throughout the computer. The file infected with virus spreads to the other computer when shared.

The free download antivirus for Pc provides minimum level of protection. It scans the malware software running in the system and also offers the options of automatic scans. Some of the free antivirus software may offer the additional protection features such as browsers add on that keep a check on the bad links built in the firewall. However the free download antivirus for Pc also carries disadvantages with them such as lack of technical support doesn’t provide any sort of flexibility to the user. The limited feature of the antivirus doesn’t help in the long run.

Antivirus software allows their user to scan their system time-to-time for the efficient working of the system. There is a list of some of the free download antivirus for Pc:

  1. AVG Antivirus Free: This antivirus is quick to install and protect the system forever from all the kinds of malicious software that disrupt the normal working of the operational system. It catches the malicious software that gets download before they reach to PC. It is simple in design but a strong tool that provides protection against all types of malware threats. It blocks all the unsafe links, e-mails and downloaded attachments. It scans the Pc performance problems and provides a real time-security updates.
  2. Avast Free Antivirus: It is a light and most powerful tool that provides protection against the malware software. This antivirus is packed with the largest threat-detention software network that won’t allow our PC to slow down.  It scans for the Wi-Fi security weakness in your networks. It secures all the passwords of the users before hackers hacked them to destroy the effective functioning of the system.
  3. Kaspersky Free Antivirus: This antivirus provides free and basic protection to PC. It helps to protect the PC from various viruses and blocks all the dangerous files and application from the system.
  • Bitdefender Free Antivirus: It is one of the popular free antivirus software for Pc that provides strong and silent guardian against the most advanced cyber threats and provides automatic updates for new security features. It provides real-time protection against all types of malware software. The improved-behavior based detects and blocks advanced threats and ransomware threats. The web filtering technology protects from the suspicious websites that may disrupt the efficient working of the system. It prevents to browse fraud website while shopping or performing banking operations.
  • Norton Security Basis: This is free antivirus that defends PC against malware software, ransomware, viruses, and other online emerging threats. It helps to protect the financial and personal information of the user from publishing it online. It uses one of the largest global civilians’ networks to spots threats faster.
  • Malwarebytes Free Antivirus: The free Malwarebytes Antivirus helps the user to clean the computer infected from the malware software which is malicious for the system. However it provide the additional features which expire under 14 days, to enjoy the services of Malwarebytes Antivirus, the user has to purchase the premium package.

The detailed analysis of some of the best free downloads antivirus for Pc protect the system from getting infected with the viruses in the increasing need of the computer in the digital world of technology.