Avast Antivirus for Desktop

Download the Avast Antivirus to provide ultimate protection to your Desktop. More than 435 million users have trusted this antivirus which provides maximum security to your Desktop and protects your desktop from malware software that disrupts the systematic functioning of your system. It is available in both free and paid version, the user can download the antivirus from its official website. The free version provides basic security to your desktop and provides an opportunity to the users to avail all the benefits of the antivirus before purchasing the premium package.

The Paid version gave maximum security to your desktop and protect it from malware software such as Trojan horse that tricks the user by pretending to be harmless. Backdoor is the secret path of bypassing the authentic information of the system. Ransomware threatens to publish the user’s personal information until the ransom is paid. Computer Worms that spread from one computer to another due to lack of proper security networks. Spyware gathers the important information of the user and sends it to the other entity without the user’s consent. It blocks the viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware that compromise the personal security of your PC and hangs the proper functioning of your desktop.

The Avast Antivirus for Desktop stops the attacks from the phishing sites and it warns the user to download the website which may harm the effective working of the system and when needed redirects the user to the correct website if they type the wrong address to save them for the malware software. It deletes the threats before they run on the computer and harms the systematic working of the system with the help of the Sandbox tool.

The Avast Antivirus for Desktop includes Avast Cleanup Premium which removes all the junk files and frees up space in your PC and maintains the accuracy of the PC. The SecureLine VPN checks your internet connection for safer and anonymous browsing. The Password Premium warns the user to secure your bank’s account and allows you to shop online freely and securely with the master passwords created by Avast. It blocks all the phishing emails and annoying spams for a cleaner and safer inbox.

The Avast Antivirus for Desktop scans for security weaknesses and exposes the intruders in the network and alerts the users when the unsecured Wi-Fi network connects with your PC. It provides unique security features such as password manager that keeps everything safe of the user. For making payments to sending emails, a strong password is vital to secure the account of the user. Avast Antivirus creates a strong password for the user to shop and bank online freely and securely.

The Avast Antivirus for Desktop provides an effective Firewall to keep the hackers away from your system and webcam that prevents your sensitive information to be displayed to the others. It even secures your personal folder with an extra layer of ransomware protection. It permanently shreds the deleted files so that no one can recover them back and automatically updates the security features to protect your PC from latest threats. It provides advance protection up to 10 devices.

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