Dr. Web Antivirus Review

Dr. Web is a first-ever Russian Antivirus Company and its initial launch took place in 1992. Dr. Web Antivirus offers a wide range of products for Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, and Android. The products of Dr. Web Antivirus come in both paid and free variants. Dr. Web Antivirus products are invested with high-sound security features to stand against cyber-attacks including malware threats, ransomware threats, phishing attacks, identity theft and anything that intends to harm the legal users and their devices terribly.  Dr. Web Antivirus products are designed with a basic interface that is user-friendly and the trial is available for each product.

Dr. Web Antivirus products

  • For home PC/Mac, Dr. Web Antivirus offers- Dr.Web Security Space for Windows, Dr.Web Katana for Windows, Dr.Web for macOS, Dr.Web for macOS Light and Dr.Web for Linux.
  • For mobile devices, Dr. Web Antivirus offers- Dr.Web Security Space for Android and Dr.Web for BlackBerry.
  • For Industrial Security,  Dr. Web Antivirus offers- Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite, Dr.Web ATM Shield, Dr.Web CureNet and Dr.Web  Bundles that include Dr.Web Universal and Dr.Web Safe School.
  • Dr.Web Antivirus also offers LiveDemo programs such as- Dr.Web Cure It, Dr.Web for Android Light, Dr.Web Live Disk, Dr. Web Administrator emergency aid kit and Dr.Web Link Checker.

General Features and Protection

Dr.Web Antivirus Protection is mainly fed upon Scanning programs. The scan program includes both periodical and on-demand operations. The program runs a critical diagnosis of the entire system including external devices such as USB and Email section to look for sophisticated files like malware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, ransomware, and other malicious components. It proactively eliminates those corrupted files from the device and offers real-time threat protection. Dr.Web Antivirus is charged with behavioral analysis and advanced threat detection. It detects if applications acting suspiciously or trying to get unauthorized access to devices media like webcam and mic. It immediately blocks their access and prevents such evil operations from taking place. Dr. Web Antivirus runs a behavioral analysis of the entire system and finds out if any application is in need of an update or if any area of the system is infected by viruses or if any security hole emerges to the surface. Immediately after the vulnerability detection, Dr. Web Antivirus sends out recovery tools to the ailing areas of the system to fix the problems, to minimize the security holes and to recover the corrupted files.

 With advanced Web security and email protection, Dr. Web Antivirus scans the email inbox and email attachments. If anything suspicious is caught, it immediately sends the email in spam block and alerts the user to not download or launch the attachment on the device. Dr. Web Antivirus features a browser manager. This program includes an HTTPs monitoring tool. This scans the URL address of the websites and if the HTTPS protocol is not there, it immediately blocks those websites before they get loaded on the browser. Such websites are mostly like to covey malicious contents or can fetch the users into phishing scams or inject malicious files like adware, spyware, malware another virus via automatic downloads to sneak into the privacy and cause terrible harm to the system.

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Dr. Web Antivirus has advanced web-filter that blocks illegitimate websites that convey inappropriate content that may corrupt a child’s mind. The parental control also allows the parents to set screen limits of internet access and games they play. They can also lock particular apps which they don’t want their children to operate. Dr. Web Antivirus NetWork Protection blocks botnet servers from connecting to the home network. The program clears up the network traffic and prevents prying network from sneaking into the legal users’ privacy. It also blocks the prying networks from remotely monitoring the home network and the legal users’ internet activities.

  Dr. Web Antivirus allows keeping the confidential files, important data and other sensitive files in an unwavering cloud server with advanced protection, so that even if the device is lost or stolen or destroyed, the files can be restored from the backup source. Dr. Web Antivirus Cloud security allows file backup and remote access to other devices. The cloud management allows one user to remotely operate multiple devices from a single dashboard server and handle security issues occasion demands. In case the device is lost or stolen, the remote cloud access allows the user to erase important data before they fall into evil hands. The erased file can further be recovered from backup storage.


 Dr. Web Antivirus products run in the system background seamlessly and leave minimal impact on the power resource. The programs are lightweight and install in seconds. The programs are extremely fast that their whole operation takes place in seconds avoiding system slowdowns and heating issues. Performance-wise Dr. Web Antivirus challenges other reputed antivirus companies on the plane. Dr. Web Antivirus, apart from Internet security and virus protection, keeps the devices optimized with high-speed performance, enhanced battery life and no memory blockage by junk files. The user interface is simple and very basic. The users may hardly face any difficulty while using the programs by Dr. Web Antivirus.

  Again Dr. Web Antivirus products come with a quick and easy configuration setting. With the help of the Drag&Drop option, the settings can be imported or exported from one device to another. The setting also includes vast options for controlling scanning operations. It allows the users to manually set the scanning programs in the normal scan or low-level paranoid scan for a deep comprehensive diagnosis of the system. The program also offers options command for on & off the scan of spyware and LAN components.


  Although Dr. Web Antivirus shares a wide range of products, they are only designed with basic features that any ordinary Antivirus program can offer. In fact, there is nothing extraordinary about Dr. Web Antivirus‘ specifications. Security lacks when it comes to privacy protection. Dr. Web Antivirus Home programs do not offer GPS tracker with Anti-theft, a crucial need of every user to locate the stolen or lost devices. Dr. Web only focuses on scanning programs and network protection. As far as free AV is concerned, the features Dr. Web Antivirus offers can be seen as satisfactory but, considering the price range of the products, it could have included other important features like Safe vault to secure Confidential data, Password manager to store passwords into one place, Web History Cleaner to maintain privacy, Download manager to block malicious downloads, Webcam and media protection to prevent the eyes of spy, Optimization tool, virtual keyboard to prevent keyloggers’ attacks, secure payment while shop or making deals online, game booster, browse speed enhancer, social media scanning tool and many more.

 Another drawback is, the products of Dr. Web Antivirus may come for trial use or for free, they are limited with only basic features, to enjoy further security and other premium features, the users are bound to buy the subscription that products anyway. Again the price range of the products of Dr. Web Antivirus is not very pocket-convenient keeping the range of offered features in the concern.

  Moreover, according to some tech experts, the user interface of Dr. Web Antivirus Products may be basic but is too technical for beginners. Only a few products of Dr. Web won admiration of experts when it comes to usability. In fact, judging from the results in AV comparatives tests, Dr. Web Antivirus Products offer great results in performance but somewhere lack in protection features and usability. However, people who have great experience in dealing with various antivirus products may appreciate the abilities of Dr. Web Antivirus by carrying it out their own tests.

DR. web Support

  Users will be highly pleased with helpful technical support and online tutorials provided by Dr. Web Antivirus. Dr. Web has its online center to offer support for its users. The users may visit the Dr. Web Antivirus support center website, and learn from the tutorial instructed by the tech engineers. Dr. Web Antivirus keeps the communication with its customers very transparent and the tech team stays always up to 24/7 online support to help the customer resolving issues or guiding certain actions via a toll-free number and email. Also, the customer care service quickly responds to customer queries. Apart from Russian, the service is also available in English.

Final Verdict

Despite all the drawbacks, Dr. Web Antivirus can still be considered as a worthy one for its amazing performance when it comes to security. Dr. Web Antivirus products may lack a few important features, but at least they are very transparent about their feature specifications. The products of Dr. Web fulfill their promises with no compromise. Dr. Web Antivirus may not have tested by independent labs, but it is preferred by plenty of users since it has been one of the renowned AV programs on the market for the past 2 decades. Dr. Web Antivirus has a wide range of product variants, the scan programs of each product are most likely to be accurate, the customer support is very quick and responsive and definitely one can try the products of Dr. Web Antivirus to enjoy the best Heuristic protection for their devices against threats.

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