Avast Computer Virus Protection

Keeping your computer and the stored data safe from various online threats is necessary. You can download and install a reliable antivirus software that helps secure your data, but knowing which package you need to subscribe to is also equally important. Avast computer virus protection program offers several plans, starting with a free plan that provides basic security features. Each subscription is priced according to the different security features it comes with. You need to figure out which package is the best as per your requirement.

The free antivirus by Avast detects and blocks spyware, ransomware, and viruses in real-time and keeps your computer safe. Along with this, it also helps users manage and store all of their passwords in one place. The user has to create a secure and unique ‘master’ password to access the various sites. The free antivirus software also detects weaknesses in the user’s home security network and notifies the user about any strangers that might be using the WiFi without permission.

Avast computer virus protection

If the user wants more security features in Avast computer virus protection, they can upgrade to the Premium Security pack. There are two options in this pack, one for a single-device, and the other for multiple-devices, priced at a nominal Rs. 1,999 per year and Rs. 2,599 per year, respectively. This pack includes the basic features discussed above along with some advanced security features. It comes with an Advanced Firewall that helps keep the hackers at bay, thereby securing your data. With their RealSite feature, the antivirus ensures that the hackers do not hijack your DNS and redirect you to a fake website. It blocks such malicious activities and protects your banking details and passwords from being stolen.

With Avast computer virus protection, the user can test a suspicious app or file in a safe environment first, without putting the whole system at risk. The Ransomware Shield feature protects the user from unsecured apps and websites that might be trying to change or encrypt your data, thereby protecting you from ransomware and other threats. The Webcam Shield feature blocks apps from gaining access to the webcam without the user’s permission. Hackers can access even a deleted file from the recycle bin. Therefore, Avast antivirus software has come up with the much needed Data Shredder tool that permanently deletes all the sensitive files. The Avast computer virus protection also keeps your PC up-to-date and reduces vulnerabilities with Regular Automatic Software Updater.

The Ultimate pack offered by Avast is priced at a decent Rs. 3,299 per year and includes all of the aforementioned security features. It adds an extra layer of protection for your computer as it offers amazing features like Avast Cleanup Premium that helps remove junk files and clear up disk space, thereby improving the efficiency of the device. The Avast SecureLine VPN feature encrypts the internet connection making it safer and secure. The user also gets the efficient Avast Passwords Premium feature that notifies the user of any leaked passwords, along with managing the passwords with one click.

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