Avast Protection free

Avast, the antivirus giant that today dominates more than half of the antivirus software industry has come a long way since its inception in 1988. It has more than 400 million loyal users worldwide. Avast deserves all the awards and accolades that it has received in the past couple of years, especially for the Avast protection free software that it has come up with. The free antivirus software offers some advanced security features that have changed the face of the free antivirus software game. It is fully compatible with all devices, whether it is a Windows PC or laptop, or an Android device, or iOS devices such as Mac.

With its real-time analysis of various threats, it keeps the device and its data from being damaged by malicious malware. It regularly scans the devices for any hidden threats and sends over any suspicious files to the cloud network for further analysis in the lab. If the threat is confirmed, Avast quickly provides a fix for the problem and issues updates to all of its users worldwide regarding the same.

Avast protection free antivirus has an intuitive and refreshing user-interface that anybody can use without any issues. The free antivirus software comes with a password manager that helps users keep all their passwords in one place, accessible via a ‘master’ password. Unlike its counterparts and rival antivirus companies, the free Avast antivirus does not have any hidden charges. The company provides regular updates to deal with the ever-growing cyber threats, thus keeping your device secure at all times. With the use of smart analytics, the antivirus blocks malware, ransomware, spyware, and viruses before they can damage the user’s device and data.

The revamped version of the feature previously known as ‘Game Mode’ now allows the users to present in full-screen, without getting interrupted by annoying notifications. Avast protection free has the ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ which blocks the irritating pop-ups so that the user can watch movies, or play games without any disturbances. The unique feature that the free antivirus software offers is Behaviour Shield. It sweeps the various apps installed on the device for any malware and keeps a check on their behaviour patterns to ensure that no app is accessing restricted data without the user’s permission.

Avast has upped its game in the free antivirus software industry by including the important WiFi Inspector feature. The antivirus software scans the home security network for any potential threats and weaknesses. It also notifies the user if any unauthorized device is accessing the network and if the router’s password is too weak. Avast protection free antivirus offers a Smart Scan feature that quickly scans the device for any hidden threats, and notifies the user of any unsafe settings in the device and out-of-date programs or softwares.

With such top-notch security tools and features protecting their data, the free antivirus software users can work online without any worries. The software installs quickly and is light. It quietly works in the background, blocking and removing malware, without presenting any lag in the functioning of the device.

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