Avast Virus protection

Go for Avast Virus protection and secure against viruses as well as other kinds of malware as it is considered as the world’s most reliable free antivirus application for Android. Safeguard your personal space by receiving the alerts when adware or spyware-infected applications are downloaded onto the device. You can also protect your device against the phishing attacks from phone calls, e-mails, SMS messages, or infected websites.

You can also turn on the VPN for keeping your online browsing safe and private, and to access the favorite streaming paid services while traveling abroad. With over 100 million installs for its mobile app, Avast Virus protection offers a lot more than only the antivirus protection.

Here is the list of some features which include –

·     App Lock

·     Antivirus Engine

·     Anti-theft

·     Call Blocker

·     VPN i.e., Virtual Private Network

·     Photo Vault

·     Privacy Permissions

·     Power Save

·     RAM Boost

·     Firewall (for only rooted Android)

·     Web Shield

·     Junk Cleaner

·     App Insights

·     Wi-Fi Protection

·     Wi-Fi Speed Test

·     Virus Cleaner

There are some new things included in Avast Security’s Mobile Application –

·     Introduction of App Insights – Have you ever wondered how much time you are wasting while going through your phone regularly? Avast has developed the solution for its users right inside of their favorite safety app.

·     Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Hides the online activities of the user and changes his/her location for accessing your paid favorite streaming services from anywhere.

Premium features of Avast Virus protection

·     Last Known Location – Check the last known location of your device before the battery is drained out.

·     Camera Trap – Capture audio and photos secretly of your thief in case your Smartphone gets stolen.

·     App Lock – Keep the sensitive content private and secure by locking an application with the PIN code, fingerprint password, or pattern. This way, only you will be able to access your device.

·     Sim Security – Register your device automatically when lost after the SIM change.

·     Avast Direct Support – Directly contact Avast from the application for receiving quick replies to your questions.

·     Remove the Ads – Remove the advertisements from your Avast Virus protection experience.

Avast Mobile Antivirus and Security in detail

·     App Insights – Find out how much time you spend using each application on your device and get back the control of your balance of phone-life.

·     Antivirus Engine – Scan automatically for viruses as well as other forms of malware, such as Trojans and spyware etc. File, app, and web scanning offer absolute mobile security.

·     Photo Vault – Avast Virus protection helps in safeguarding your photos with the pattern, fingerprint password, or PIN code. Once you are done moving the photos to Vault, they are completely encrypted and are only accessible to you.

·     Junk Cleaner – Quickly clean out the unnecessary data, system caches, junk files, installation files, residual space, and gallery thumbnails for giving you more space.

·     Call Blocker – Stop the unwanted callers from interfering in your daily activities. Automatically add the phone numbers or block spam to your blacklist for preventing them from contacting you.

·   Web Shield – Scan as well as block the malware-infected links, adware, spyware (for secure web browsing and privacy, e.g., Chrome), and Trojans.

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