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With the advancement in technology, lives are being shelved online through various social media platforms and messengers. From shopping and banking to sharing travel experiences and milestones achieved in life, all private and other aspects of life are on display for people to see. Hackers use such information to track people’s day to day behavior and online patterns and sneak in at a vulnerable time to steal sensitive data and disrupt the digital life of users. An efficient and reliable antivirus software is of utmost importance to keep users safe from such attacks. Total AV is one such antivirus software that has been successfully delivering on its promise of unsurpassable protection against cyber threats in real-time.

Total AV Antivirus is a complete security suite with an advanced set of security features. The company offers various commercial antivirus software for users with different security requirements as well as a free antivirus software that covers basic protection of devices. In this Total AV Antivirus review, users will find out more about the much-discussed new entrant in the antivirus game and by the end of it, users can decide for themselves which subscription of Total AV do they wish to pay for since this is an antivirus software that lives up to the surrounded hype.

What makes Total AV stand taller than the rest of the antivirus software?

There are numerous antivirus software in the market that claim to provide the user with the top-notch protective features against various cyber threats. Total AV on the other hand not only offers amazing security tools and features but also comes with a continually updated database. An antivirus software is efficient only when its database is regularly updated to keep up with the new emerging threats. Staying one step ahead of the rivals is what matters and Total AV does so quite effectively.

Cybercriminals find new ways every day to attack the digital world and cause mayhem. Saying that any antivirus software provides 100 % protection from malware would be incorrect. But Total AV antivirus software has been known to detect and block threats that other antivirus software were unable to find. There are many aspects of this antivirus software that make it a go-to antivirus of millions of people:

  • Better threat assessment than any other antivirus software in the market.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee offer makes it all the more appealing to users trying a commercial antivirus software for the first time.
  • It offers attractive discounts of up to 80 % for users during the initial term.
  • It has various commercial products available for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • New transparent and open auto-renewal policies keep users in the loop when the next payment is due.

Many antivirus software focus only on PCs and laptops, but not Total AV. This antivirus software not just addresses security issues found on a desktop but also offers the same protective measures to a smartphone. It comes with various optimization tools for mobile phones, pin protection features for applications, and a Secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) for safe browsing options. All these features make Total AV a standout antivirus software, offering unparalleled security to various devices from potential threats.

Suitable for

  • Users looking for a lightweight antivirus program that discreetly works in the background
  • Those looking for a budget-friendly antivirus with maximum protective features
  • Owners of devices with Windows, iOS, or Android platforms
  • Users with extensive internet use and in need of an efficient tune-up feature for their systems

Key Inclusions

Apart from the common and basic security features, each of the commercial products offered by Total AV comes packed with these six tools and features that help keep devices and data secure from various cyber threats.

Total AV Key Inclusions
  • Safe browser extension– One of the best security features offered by Total AV is the Web Shield Extension. It goes above and beyond the regular ad-blockers. With this extension enabled on the user’s web browsers, they do not have to worry about any intruders looking to steal their data. The browser extension issues an instant pop-up warning the user if they have landed or clicked on an unsecured website. It actively blocks any phishing URLs and prevents malware from automatically downloading on the user’s system.
  • Powerful remote firewall- Firewalls are designed to keep unauthorized or untrusted networks from accessing the private network. Many large corporates have enhanced firewalls serving as a gateway to keep anything suspicious at bay. Setting up a firewall for the protection of a computer is of utmost importance, but at the same time, it is also quite expensive. Total AV offers a remote firewall with its commercial products that ensure complete data privacy just like large businesses have, that too without going through all the trouble of setting it up and spending large amounts of money.
  • Real-time antivirus protection- As discussed above, Total AV is known for its ultimate threat detection technology that makes it a front runner in the antivirus game. The software proactively scans the system for known as well as unknown threats lurking in the shadows of legitimate apps. It quarantines and removes any detected threats from the system in real-time.
  • Scheduled scanning option- Total AV gives the user total control over computer scans. Users can set a particular date and time according to their comfort to run scheduled antivirus scans on the device. They can choose the type of scan and set the desired frequency to run the scans, thereby offering added layers of protection to the system.
  • Secure VPN– When users fill out forms online, give their personal information to various websites, for example, a banking website, online shopping portal, or even a school website, they are becoming an easy target of identity thieves. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for such users whose private and personal information is not secured by a reliable antivirus. To prevent the interception of such sensitive information, Total AV comes with a much-needed VPN tool. It works both on computers as well as smartphones. The virtual private network lets the user browse the web anonymously and keep any information that the user enters on a website secure from prying eyes.
  • PC optimization- In addition to the security features, the antivirus software also comes equipped with various performance-enhancing tools. Systems slow down over a period of time and become cluttered with redundant files, cache memory, outdated cookies, and programs that have several errors developed in them. Total AV cleans out all such junk from the user’s system to help it run smoothly and without any lags.

Total AV is a fail-safe antivirus program that has all the characteristics of a great antivirus. It offers a plethora of security features at a low price along with a reputable customer service department that is present 24×7 to help the users.

System Requirements

Total AV has different products for different platforms or operating systems. To experience complete protection by Total AV on your Windows device, the operating system must have either of these Windows- Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.

macOS x 10.8 and higher, and iOS 11.3 is fully compatible with Total AV antivirus software.

For users installing Total AV on their Android smartphones, their devices must be Oreo 8.1 compatible at least.

Download and Installation

Total AV offers a free antivirus software for users who need just basic protection from malicious software in real-time. To install the free Total AV program on the system, all the user has to do is create a free account with the company and renew the membership every year for uninterrupted all-year-round security. Even for paid subscriptions, users have to create an account. The installation of the antivirus software does not take over 10 minutes of the user’s time. It runs quietly in the system’s background and takes up no more than 30 MB of the RAM on the device.

After the installation of the antivirus software, a screen pops up asking the user to create a password, after which an automatic scan of the system starts. While the scan is running, the antivirus plays a short video in which all the features that come with the software are explained to the user. This is something that not many antivirus programs offer. Such introductory videos make it easier for users to navigate through the software.

User Interface

User-Interface total av

Any novice can run the software even without the introductory video. The user interface is easy on the eyes and all the main security features can be accessed easily. The bright and intuitive platform of the antivirus software gives other traditional antivirus a run for their money.

Various commercial products offered by Total AV 2020

Total-AV Antivirus

Total AV Essential Antivirus 2020

Total AV Antivirus offers various packages, commercial and free, for users with different protective requirements for their systems. It offers amazing cross-platform security solutions to keep users protected at home, at work, or even when on the go. It provides protection to up to 3 devices and the company offers the antivirus package to newcomers at a discounted rate of $19.95 for the initial year. The Essential pack comes equipped with real-time threat detection and removal technology and anti-ransomware and anti-phishing features. The useful Web Shield Extension for the browser by Total AV warns the user of any harmful website and also helps in managing browser history and various cookies. This extension also comes with an ad-blocker feature that helps in suspending annoying and malicious ads on a website. The remote firewall feature offers added protection to the system from various online threats such as spyware, ransomware, Trojans, etc.
Along with these security features, the Essential pack from Total AV also comes with a disk cleaning tool that helps in removing obsolete, duplicate, and junk files from the system. The PC optimization tool enhances the system’s performance and optimizes it.

Total AV Pro Antivirus 2020

This pack comes at a discounted price of $39.95 for the newcomers for the initial term and covers a maximum of 5 devices. It is one of the most popular software launched by Total AV. It offers the same protective features as those in the Essential pack along with a few add-ons. It comes with a handy antivirus e-book that offers various tips on how to keep devices free from malware and the best practises that one should follow to keep devices safe. The Pro pack also comes with a safe password vault where the users can store their important passwords securely.

Total AV Ultimate Antivirus 2020

This pack gives 6 device licenses and comes at an introductory price of $59.95 for the first year of subscription. It is the reliable choice of many families to keep their devices safe. It comes with an added smartphone optimization tool that frees up space on the user’s smartphone and improves its speed and performance.

Apart from these commercial products, Total AV in 2020 has also launched a Total AV free antivirus software that offers basic malware protection and various scanning options to keep the systems up-to-date.

Security Tools and Features at a glance

Security Tools and Features-at-a-glance
  • Real-time antivirus security
  • Advanced protection from ransomware attacks
  • Malware protection
  • Anti-phishing and scam filters
  • Disk cleaner
  • PC optimization tools and enhanced-performance features
  • Remote firewall security
  • Web Shield Extension
  • Web browser manager
  • Antivirus e-book
  • Secure password vault
  • 24×7 reliable customer and technical support
  • Smartphone optimizing features
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Summary and Conclusion

Protection from spyware, ransomware, adware, Trojans, rootkits, etc. is one of the main concerns. Total AV offers all-round protection to millions of users worldwide. It is a low-profile software with various advanced security features. The various budget-friendly commercial products have helped Total AV gain a sturdy reputation among a horde of antiviruses in the commercial market and distinguish itself from the numerous traditional antivirus software. Total AV packs a punch in a tiny box and helps keep dangerous threats at bay.

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