Avast For PC Free Download

Keeping your PC safe from online threats and viruses is incredibly important in this day and age where everything is gradually shifting online. PC is like a vault that needs a trustworthy antivirus as its safety net. The computer stores all the vital information and data that might land into the wrong hands if not secured with a decent antivirus. Avast for PC free download is a highly reliable antivirus software that offers amazing security features and comes free of cost.

Before you go off wondering if there are any hidden charges or fees in this ‘free’ software, let us assure you that Avast offers its antivirus with several basic and some advanced security tools at absolutely zero cost.

The antivirus software has a user-friendly interface and provides real-time analysis of your data. It effectively scans for security lapses and other performance-related issues in the PC, and also provides the user with solutions to fix certain problems. With its Passive Mode, the software can co-efficiently work with other antivirus software previously installed in the system. The user can also easily manage passwords at one place with a secure ‘master’ password. It also provides security to the home network with the help of the unique WiFi Inspector feature. Such a feature is not generally available in a free antivirus version, but with Avast for PC free download, users can become aware of any unauthorized person accessing their home network. It also detects any vulnerabilities that your WiFi connection may have.

Avast has launched a revamped version of its previous ‘Game Mode’. Now, the users can watch movies without being interrupted by annoying notifications, and can also play games in full screen with the help of the new ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode. While the antivirus software scans and blocks malicious malware from damaging the data, it also keeps a check on the behaviour patterns of the installed apps, so that no app can suddenly start making unauthorized changes in the system, or access restricted data, etc. Apart from such important and helpful features, Avast for PC free download also has a unique CyberCapture tool. It automatically sends any potentially threatening file for further analysis at the company’s cloud network. If the threat is confirmed, immediate action is taken against it, and updates are sent out to all the Avast users regarding the same.

While most free antivirus software have these basic features, Avast antivirus software goes above and beyond the regular run-off-the-mill antivirus softwares. It offers online security against fake websites that are used by hackers to steal your confidential data such as banking information. The antivirus issues a warning if the user is accessing a website that is malicious, and also redirects the user to the verified and original website, thereby protecting the user from spam, fraud, and ransomware. The File Shield feature that comes with Avast for PC free download automatically scans all the files, new or old, and sends an infected file to the ‘virus chest’ to prevent further damage to the PC.

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