Avast Free Version

Avast Free Version can very easily be considered the most popular antivirus in the world. If you type the word Avast antivirus on Google, within minutes some 1,90,00,000 results pop up. This shows the popularity of the brand.

There different packages introduced by Avast for different kinds of needs. A free version is targeted for students and individuals who are seeking virus and malware protection but can’t afford to spend money on anti-malware software. Then there are paid versions for professionals who want to ensure complete safety for their mobile and computer devices and can spend on a good antivirus program if given advanced features. There are special packages for big businesses as well.

Avast Free Version is the most commonly used version of Avast. This package has all the basic features of a good antivirus system. It can be quickly downloaded and installed from the official website of Avast. Since this version is very light-weight, it does not need much storage or a super-fast internet to function. One must be careful about downloading this software from the official website of the Avast only as there are many fake versions of this antivirus app on the internet that are Trojans that end up infecting one’s system.

In recent years there have been many such cases where people were conned into downloading faulty software.

One of the best things about Avast Free Version is that it has a very user friendly interface and design. The instructions that are given are very straightforward and simple. It is accessible to first time users and people who are not familiar with the complicated world of anti-malware software.

The pros of this software can be broadly clubbed into some points given below:

–         It is easy to use.

–         It is very lightweight.

–         It has a web browser that makes sure net banking and online shopping is done in peace.

–         It very accurately detects the virus and eliminates them quickly.

–         It does scanning very fast and quietly.

–         It does not interfere in the other operations of a device.

–         It is free of cost and accessible.

–         It is premium versions are affordable.

The cons or disadvantages of Avast Free Version are very few can be easily mended. It is expected that in upcoming versions these shortcomings will be fixed. One of the main negative points of Avast’s free version is that it lacks automatic scanning of output devices like pen drives and USB sticks. It also lacks a firewall feature that exposes the user to the dangers of internet imported viruses. Other than these there the software is very reliable and effective. Its detection of threats is very accurate.

The software is compatible with an array of operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android. It works well on both computers and phones both. Avast is available in 45 different languages which makes it accessible to a wide population around the world and makes it one of the most inclusive antivirus software.

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