Best antivirus internet security for Windows 10

Windows has more users than any other computer software brand, which makes it specifically vulnerable to hacking and other malware invasions.

We all are aware of the basic rules that keep Windows protected and shield our privacy. Rules like not opening shady looking emails, not clicking on suspicious links or advertisements, and not downloading apps or documents from unverified sources, are well known and well exercised. These days’ people are wise enough to have browser scanners and password trackers, but just as people are becoming smarter, the hackers and malware creators are becoming smarter too.

The invasion of a virus is no longer limited to spam email or phishing; neither are people being tricked into downloading malware from pop up boxes. The hacking world has become more subtle and sophisticated over time. Today ransomware, phishing emails, and new forms of hacking, are waiting to attack our systems. No matter how hard one tries, the threats are omnipresent and this is where the need of having a good antivirus security system comes up.

Microsoft Windows Defender

For beginners, who are looking to score a good antivirus software, Windows Defender should come as a first option. The great thing about this software is it comes pre-installed in Microsoft Windows and doesn’t need any paid-up gradation. It suffices as a basic level antivirus by keeping an eye on dodgy software behavior. Developed by one of the world’s best software companies, Windows Defender is very lightweight and does not affect any ongoing operation of the computer. It does not slow down the computer or stall other work as it runs its scans. This non-interfering characteristic of Windows Defender puts it above much above other anti-malware software.

Windows Defender has all common features of sturdy anti-virus software. It scans web pages before letting a user access it, it goes through all internet downloads in time to prevent malware from infecting the system before it’s too late, and notices faulty software behavior. Windows Defender is also prompt with showing a warning when it comes to a phishing mail. Its rate of false positives are very low.

For many people using Microsoft Windows Defender is the beginning point for PC security on Windows, and thanks to its satisfactory performance many users find that they do not need anything else to protect their PCs.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus is one of the constant stable names that have made its mark in the PC protection industry. It is one of the rare antivirus software that offers a free program which has all necessary malware prevention features along with additional services that enhance the user experience of one’s phone. In addition to running scans on freshly downloaded files, detecting malware, and preventing one from entering dubious web pages, Bitdefender Antivirus also performs other functions as well. It clears excess files, increases storage capacity, and saves battery by enabling power saver options. Bitdefender is easy to use and has simple instructions which work for both beginners and experts alike.

Another positive feature of Bitdefender is that it is very consistent. All lab examinations that conducted AV Tests found that Bitdefender has gotten one hundred percent protection rates. This software has a strong antivirus engine. Its web supervision is pin-point which quickly detects and blocks links that contain malware. It secures the browser which gives the experience of secure net browsing and cuts the risk of identity theft or leaving out important information like bank card details. Web protection lets people do online shopping in peace without compromising cyber security.

One shortcoming of Bitdefender is that it has limited VPN access. The free version doesn’t have VPN access, only paid version does. The limited VNP means when antivirus is left disabled, the system is exposed to ransomware.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security is a very important feature that is  needed in a good anti-malware software. It offers protection from ransomware, checks emails for a hidden virus, scans all content that is being downloaded from the web, does thorough web filtering, and blocks websites that are unsafe.

Several autonomous testing reports have shown that Trend Micro Antivirus + Security gives outstanding outcome. The results from the last five AV Tests that were conducted in 2018 and 2019 have proved a full hundred percent protection from threats.  Another great thing about Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security is its great value for money and is highly compatible with Windows 10. Its operations are smooth and do not hamper computer’s speed.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is very easily declared as the best anti-malware software in terms of overall performance. Its 4.8 ratings on Google Play is a testimony to its wide acceptance and high customer satisfaction levels.  Kaspersky has been constantly topping lists that talk about the best antivirus software.  Its excellent malware detection skills with close to none false positives give Kaspersky an edge over other anti-malware software. Its paid version has more features than Bitdefender. Clients can track how the software is working on an online portal.

It has anti-theft feature for laptops and VPN that opens up when a device connects to any open Wi-Fi connection.  Its webcam protection is very efficient and the inclusion of Android, macOS, and iOS is another great addition that makes Kaspersky the leading antivirus software. In the paid version of Kaspersky Total Security, there are additional features of software backup, encryption of files, password manager, and file shredder.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus

McAfee AntiVirus Plus is one of the leading antivirus software out there. It works on almost every operating system and ensures the protection of Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS.

This software has consistently scored well on many tests conducted by independent labs. With a full score on an antiphishing test, MacAfee AntiVirus Plus has an impressive track record in PC boosting and ransomware detection. MacAfee AntiVirus Plus works the best in Chrome. It also has concise device control features and the scanning is very accurate which means negligible false positive detections.