Free Antivirus Software for PC

As the world is changing and becoming more digitalized, the more we are storing our important information on phones and computers. These electronic devices have our work-related data and our personal information as well. In this age when information is power, many hackers count on breaking in our digital devices and profiting by stealing our information. This information can be our bank and credit card details or work-related documents.

Since the early 1980s, virus infections have plagued computer systems and decades later we are detailing with the same problems. Just as our anti-malware has improved, the hackers have also advanced their systems of infiltration.

Once upon a time, anti-virus softwares were expensive, but with time there have been many free of cost anti-malware systems. These Free Antivirus Software for PC and other devices have curbed the menace of hacking to a large extent.  Since they are free of cost, they are being used by everyone.

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Here is a list of Free Antivirus Software for PC that has best performance and quality.

•    Kaspersky Lab:

This name will always make its mark in the list of top Free Antivirus Software for PC.  It is considered one of the best free anti-virus software in the world. With a simple and concise interface, skillful malware detection, and user-friendly quality, Kaspersky Lab maintains its great reputation.

•    Bitdefender:

This is another name that frequents the list of the best antivirus for PC. It offers the best protection against malware of different kinds. It is very easy to use and its performance impact is minimal. Its free version is very popular but it lacks customization and scheduling of scans. It is very lightweight and has minimum but sufficient options. This software is best suited for those who like low maintenance software.

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•    Avast Antivirus:

This antivirus has been in the market for a long while now and has maintained its reputation throughout the years. Its free version is loaded with advanced features like a password manager, web scanner, and customization. It secures VPN service and can be easily downloaded from its website. It is loaded with great features. One problem that comes with Avast, in comparison to Kaspersky Lab and Bitdefender, is it is bit heavyweight.

•    AVG Antivirus:

It is also one of the Free Antivirus Software for PC that one can consider seriously. It has excellent file shredded and junk file detection that increases the efficiency and storage of a PC. Its malware detection is praiseworthy. In many respects, its free version works just as well as many paid antivirus software.

•    Avira Antivirus:

This is an old and trusted name in the anti-malware business.  The software secures VPN very well and is highly customizable. Over the years Avira has maintained steady ranking which shows the impressive consistency of its performance. The free version of Avira has many add-ons and a very efficient firewall feature. One can completely trust this software and choose it over several others. This German software has latest features like sandbox security, data shredder, and anti-spam. These features make Avira Antivirus more valuable than others.

•   Adware Antivirus Free :

This antivirus has a swift and pointed anti-spam filter and scam detection. It makes the use of URL detection for email protection and keeping the infiltrations of web-based malware at the bay. The best thing about this is it has a feature of 24/7 hours of customer care service.

•    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

It very aptly removes adware and other unwanted software from the system. According to experts, this software is more like a virus and Trojan removing tool. It does a good job of protecting the PC from external danger and carefully cleans the infected files that are inside the system.

•    Comodo Antivirus:

This antivirus is a relatively new name in the market, especially in comparison with other big names that are on the list.  The USP of Comodo Antivirus lies in web-based protection, in terms of scanning internet downloads, emails, and URLs. This makes it an apt antivirus for the internet era.

•    Panda Antivirus:

This antivirus has a compelling interface and heavy customization options. Made by Panda Security, it has excellent scanning which does not miss anything and does not interfere with the working of the personal computer.

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