Avast Antivirus Pro

is an amazing security software that blocks and removes malicious malware, spyware, and other viruses from damaging your PC. A complete protection package for your computer from online threats, this antivirus software is priced at a nominal Rs. 2,599 per year. You can add up to 10 devices on a single subscription. Unlike its rival antivirus companies, Avast offers a 30-day trial for PCs, and a 60-day trial for Mac users, so that the users can see for themselves before purchasing, just how effective the antivirus software is.

With the increase in online shopping and transactions, the risk of identity theft and ransomware is also growing at a rapid speed. With Avast Antivirus Pro, you can shop online without any worries, as it scans all the searched websites for any potential threats or suspicious activities. The users can safely use the net banking option with Avast antivirus present to keep their banking details from being stolen by frauds and hackers. One of the most dangerous forms of malware present in the digital world these days is ransomware. Hackers hijack your personal information and all the important data on your device, and encrypt them so that you can not access the files unless you pay a ransom for it. Avast antivirus software effectively detects and blocks any ransomware from accessing any file on your computer.

Avast Antivirus Pro

works on all platforms, ranging from Windows to Mac, Android to iOS. It provides its users with regular security updates to patch any issues and provide solutions for the new malware that might be hovering around. Its advanced antivirus security sweeps the system for potential threats in real-time and also blocks any unsecured websites or unauthorized downloads that might seem dangerous. The antivirus has a WiFi Inspector tool that warns the user of any weaknesses found in a private or a public network.

Hackers can also access the webcams of laptops and computers, and gain access to personal pictures and other sensitive data. Avast antivirus software keeps hackers at bay, with the help of an Advanced Firewall. It monitors the device for any suspicious activities or patterns. An interesting feature that Avast Antivirus Pro has come up with is Sandbox. With the help of this feature, the user can open and test a file that seems unsecured or suspicious, in a safe environment provided by the antivirus software. Thus, your device will not be infected with a virus if the tested file is corrupted. Avast’s Sensitive Data Shield protects the sensitive files and documents of the users from spyware. Another interesting feature of the antivirus software is Data Shredder. Sometimes, even if you delete a particular file or folder from your device, it can still be recovered by hackers. The Data Shredder ensures that the deleted file can not be recovered.

Using an antivirus that you can rely upon is quite essential in this day and age. Avast antivirus is an all-rounder software that provides complete security and protection from any kind of cyber attack.

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