Avast Antivirus Free Download 2020 Full Version

Avast Antivirus software is an established name in the world of anti-viruses and PC protection. It has a remarkable reputation and a community of over 400 million users.  This makes it one of the most widely used antivirus software.

Over the years it has offered free as well as paid subscriptions, both of which have done well in the market. While the paid subscription has earned the trust of big businesses and enterprises, the free version has established Avast as a household name.

Anyone who wants to install a free antivirus must have, sometime in their lifetime, searched for keywords such as “Avast Antivirus Free Download”. Perhaps, this is why when we Google “Avast Antivirus Free Download” about 1,90,00,000 results come up in just one slick. This speaks about the extent of Avast and its popularity.

 Image Credits: Avast

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this software.


•    It has a trustworthy capability to protect your PC or device from different types of malware attacks.

•    It is very easy to use and user friendly.

•    It has advanced features like a web browser and password manager in its free of cost version.

•    It can do house network scans.

•    Its mobile security feature is very impressive.

•    It has a “Do not Disturb” mode which can be activated when the user is engaged in activities such as gaming. This mode will suspend all notifications related to this antivirus software till the time the user finishes their activity.

•    Its premium versions are cost-effective and affordable.


•    The software lacks automatic scanning of devices that get connected to the PC or computer.

•    Its boot scan feature is weak and slow.

•    There is an absence of a fire-wall feature in the free subscription.

The highlights of Avast Antivirus Free Download are:

•    It is compatible with most operating devices such as Mac, Android, Windows 10, and iOS.

•    It has six protection levels against malware attacks.

•    It has on point phishing detection that ensures all our emails and downloaded files are clear of any ransomware, Trojans, or virus.

•    It detects faulty websites very efficiently, this makes internet surfing and online shopping safe.

According to experts the appeal of Avast Antivirus Free Download can be summed in three things that are at the core of any good antivirus software. One can easily customize the interface of Avast. Its tools are very simple to adjust, deactivate, and adjust.  Firstly, it has a free version that makes it accessible to a large section of society. Secondly, its anti-malware protection is reliable. Thirdly, its functioning is smooth and it does not interfere or slow down the device as it runs any scans.

Image Credits: Avast Antivirus

Avast is very user-friendly due to its simple interface. Even beginners can work with it easily. It takes less than 30 minutes to download and install the software. One must be careful while downloading the software. Many websites pretend that they are offering Avast and other branded antivirus software but in reality, they are selling faulty and malware-infected files. One must always install antivirus software from the official websites only.

Another thing that one needs to pay attention to while installing this software is to opt of Chrome browser if they are not comfortable with it, as Avast sets Chrome browser as a default setting. Avast antivirus has impressive scanning options. It allows us to do a full scan or just select certain folders. It can also run a customized scan. There are also options for setting up periodic scans that can be executed on each day or on a weekly and monthly basis.

One negative point of Avast is it does not provide phone help lines and depends on email interactions between customers and customer support representatives. This has cost Avast a lot, especially in today’s customer-centric world. When businesses are moving towards the latest customer support features like live chats and 24-hour telephonic assistance, not having a helpline is a big setback. The importance of efficient customer care is indisputable. This makes it even more important for Avast antivirus to have more advanced and responsive customer support that matches its other qualities.

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