Avast Free

Choose Avast Free to stay safe offline and online as well as protect your system forever. This is certainly the best quality antivirus one can ever lay his hands on along with professional-level options that outperform a lot of commercial products.

Major features of Avast antivirus software program –

·     Many features

·     No-strings free

·     Above-average detection rates

Established in the year if 1988, Avast Software has developed into the antivirus giant that asserts to be the topmost in the market of consumer security, with over 435 million monthly worldwide active users.

Avast Free antivirus is the capable tool that offers the entire basic antivirus necessities for Mac, Android, and Windows. The Real-time detection identifies known threats just as they appear, analyzing of unknown files takes place in the cloud for spotting the current malware, and the web filtering blocks the access to harmful links. In case even all this fails, the behavior monitoring of Avast can detect as well as alert the user to any procedure carrying out the malware-like actions.

The current edition focuses on improving the ease of use along with the revamped interface. With the help of the Behavior Shield, you can easily keep an eye on the applications for detecting harmful activities and the Game Mode has converted into Do Not Disturb Mode that blocks popups as well as other interruptions while using the full-screen apps.

Unlike the other antivirus software in the market, Avast Free does not have any vital hidden limits or restrictions designed for making you upgrade. No third-party ads are there and it also does not have the fewer antivirus updates and also, it does not do anything else for weakening your safety.


The free version of Avast Antivirus has been in the market for a long time and that is why the website does not have to spend a lifetime telling you about its brilliance. If he wants, a user can scroll down and read the fair amount of the information but the opening screen offers you a bit more than the Download button and the caption. Most of the people will download the setup file of Avast Free through just some clicks.

In case you are tired of the expanded antivirus packages installing the pointless extra features, you will love the control that you get with the Avast products. Opt for the option of custom installation and then you are capable of browsing 13 different Avast modules as well as applications for deciding what you wish to install and what you do not.

For example, do you not want the SafePrice browser extension (Price comparison system of Avast)? Just clear out the installer checkbox and then it is gone. This is a user-focused and helpful approach. Some of the antivirus installers demand to remove the competing products, but Avast Free provides you with a bit more adaptability. In case it detects any other antivirus package on a system, it will get installed on itself in the Passive Mode, importantly turning off the real-time security but still permitting you for running scans and using the other program features.

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