Avast Antivirus Software

If you do a simple Google search with the words Avast Antivirus Software then around 1,90,00,000 will pop up immediately. This hoard of information goes on to show a glimpse of the popularity of this antivirus software that was first launched in 1995. Now more than a few decades later, Avast antivirus has built a name for it and established itself in the highly competitive market. It has different kinds of versions, both paid and unpaid.

The paid version caters to individuals and professionals who need airtight security and are willing to pay for it. At the same time, the free version is made for students or others who are looking for ways to secure their systems but do not have the means or the money to do it. The free version of Avast Antivirus Software is the most popular anti-malware system out there. According to many estimates, it is the world’s largest and most widely used software.

 The free version has enough features to secure a system, but for the latest features such as scheduled scans, one has to buy the premium versions. For businesses who work with data science, big data, net banking, and online media, the need for full proof protection is immense. A virus attack can result in the loss of thousands. Therefore Avast has special packages that cater to enterprises only.

The software can be easily downloaded from the official website in a few easy steps. One need not know heavy coding or make any readjustments to one’s computer to know how to install this software. This is trustworthy and reliable anti-malware software that protects your devices from malware attacks like ransomware, phishing emails, and Trojans. The design of the Avast antivirus is very sleek and minimal. This sleek design gives a very sophisticated and advanced look to the software.

Avast Antivirus Software has a helpline to guide people with technical assistance and this is a large plus point. Several big anti-malware software does not have active customer care helpline. The process of dealing with malware can be complicated for many people. Beginners who are not tech-savvy will often need help when they are faced with the issue of virus infections or going through the installation process, in that situation a helpline becomes very convenient. In today’s world where customer relations and service quality is a big determinant of a brand’s reputation, having prompt customer support is a major plus point.

The world of malware protection changes constantly and hence it becomes important for software to keep updating their technology regularly. This is when Avast Antivirus Software puts itself above other software. This software does not need constant reminds or notifications about updating the system. It automatically gets updated. The software is very lightweight and does not take up much space on a mobile or a computer. Its free version takes as much space as three audio files of three songs and does not crowd the device.

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