Avast Free Virus Protection

Avast free Virus protection combines the antivirus engine that performs well in the testing procedure along with the surprisingly wide collection of the bonus features. When it comes to free antivirus companies, you may expect that they would provide basic security without any extra charges but the advanced bonus features are only reserved for the paid ones. Nowadays, a lot of famous free antivirus tools can pack complete safety along with plenty of additional features.

Avast Free Antivirus offers you a lot more than several commercial competing products. Not only it gives you impressive antivirus protection but also adds the network security scanner, browser protection, and the password manager etc. Avast free Virus protection provides you with a wonderful collection of security features because this product is free. It holds the capability of blocking all access to malware-hosting URL, for instance, or erase malware payload before downloading gets finished.

In case you click a big button located in its Status Screen’s middle, the Smart Scan starts running. Avast also looks for the network safety issues, flags the software that does not have the security patches, and gives a warning about the weak passwords. If you are someone who would like to have some more options, then it is suggested to click Scan on the Security page. Avast free Virus protection offers the boot-time scan to users that is designed for eliminating persistent and pernicious malware which resists the normal cleanup. As the scan runs before the booting up of Windows, there is no chance for the Windows-based malware for defending itself. The boot scan of AVG needs installation on the first use while the one of Avast is always ready to get out of the box.

Though the base antivirus engine is the same as that of both AVG and Avast, the latter one provides you several additional safety features.

Avast comes under the category of those safety products which add the network security scanner to the product line. Avast free Virus protection has one of the most important features i.e., Wi-Fi Inspector that, despite having “Wi-Fi” in the name, can report on all devices which are connected to a network, wireless or wired, as well as flag the devices with safety problems. Avast does the best job of identifying every device by type and name, but it is not possible to always have that data.

In case the user has a few network skills, he might be able to identify the device from its MAC address and IP address. He can modify any device’s type to as many as 5 dozen options, among them head-mounted display, hand-held gaming console, and security sensor. If you want, you can also modify the name to something more recognizable and Avast remembers the changes made for the future scans.

Here is a list of some major features which the user gets with Avast free Virus protection

·      On-Access Malware Scan

·      On-Demand Malware Scan

·      Harmful URL Blocking

·      Website Rating

·      Vulnerability Scan

·      Phishing Security

·      Behavior-based Detection

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