I think malware is a significant threat because the mitigation,

like antivirus software, hasn’t evolved to a point to really

mitigate the risk to a reasonable degree.

——- Kavin Mitnick ——-

Know More About What is Antivirus?

Installing a good antivirus solution for your computer system may benefit you in multiple ways. Antivirus systems come with a parental lock to protect the privacy of your kids online, restricts access to forbidden gateways, monitor a computer’s firewall and keep you notified from time to time about the current updates available for your processor.

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Top Antivirus

Here is a comparison between the Top market pioneers of Antivirus software to help you acquire the ideal version for your computer’s safety on your next purchase. The parameters of comparison were – budget, usability, effectiveness in malware protection and additional features.

Top Antivirus Comparison

The Kure

The Kure is an antivirus system designed by Centurion Technologies, USA. Centurion Technologies have been working for years in providing reboot and restoration Hardware Protection Technology to schools, government enterprises, banks, home environments, etc. worldwide. The main task of The Kure to terminate any form of ransomware that has entered your system as a result of installing heavy images, audio and video files and other parallel files. The Kure is efficient in detecting suspicious files, which come with the possibility of viruses within them, through the process of a system reboot.

The only drawback of The Kure is that it completely formats the data that were infected with Trojan horse. It cannot recover the data stolen as a result of malware. The Kure’s ministrations can neither be reversed however this is otherwise a suitable measure to eliminate any possibility of ransomware remaining in your PC. The Kure provides a yearly subscription for $19.99.

Top Antivirus Comparison


VoodooSoft’s VoodooShield virus protection technology is slightly an upgrade from the functions performed by The Kure at the same cost. However, both aren’t traditional forms of Antivirus programs yet aim at preventing any form of malware from getting instilled in the computer system from unknown sources. The main function of VoodooShield is to whitelist the existing programs and blocks the ones that have been detected risky from being downloaded via untrusted sources. However, VoodooShield may whitelist existing malware present in the system. The latest version of VoodooShield does come up with a malware detection technology but it is advised to rather purchase a traditional antivirus system at this range for additional features and complete assurance against viruses.

Top Antivirus Comparison

Check Point ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall

This system has a slight edge over the previous two discussed. This system is effective in blocking malicious URL while surfing online. It detects a fraudulent site and blocks it stating the reason behind such an action. Besides, it also blocks suspicious data entry and monitors downloads. However, more advanced features are available in its premium version compared to the free one. Customers cannot easily avail themselves of those features without a yearly subscription of $44.95.

Top Antivirus Comparison

Trend Micro Antivirus + Security

This software, unlike its competitors, doesn’t provide a three or five-device antivirus subscription. Instead, it provides a discounted range to the base price of $79.95 for three licenses if the users upgrade their use to the Trend Micro Internet Security alongside the antivirus protection.

Trend Micro has been reviewed to be effective in the protection of the device against malware. Besides, it is sharp at identifying the actual fraudulent URLs with no unnecessary flagging of web links. However, it does consume a lot of built-in space within the system and the process of malware detection is comparatively slow in Trend Micro.

Top Antivirus Comparison

Avira Antivirus

This German-designed security solution provides antivirus programs for home and business uses. Avira Antivirus blocks phishing sites on Firefox and Chrome. It secures important passwords of the user on webpages via password manager. VPN Limited is around 500 MB. Besides this software also notifies the user about important updates for the device.  However, the free package misses security against ransomware and threats. It does detect other troubleshoot problems but the free users are devoid of the better security benefits, unlike the subscribed customers. A subscription would cost $39.99 per device.

Top Antivirus Comparison

Panda Antivirus

Panda Security is one of the well-reputed agencies providing antivirus systems. It is excellent in protecting the privacy of your device and optimizing its performance at a subscription charge coming in three packages with additional benefits to each. The new version of this antivirus has fixed a lot of bugs and come up with a comprehensive design of malware elimination. It comes with scanning of USB Devices, Parental Control, Ransomware detection, Identity Protection, and many more improved features. It is advised to upgrade to the complete package of the Panda Antivirus at $94.99 since the finest features fall under that package with the highest level of security.

Top Antivirus Comparison

Kaspersky Antivirus

Developed in India, Kaspersky antivirus solution has now dominated the world market due to its effective functioning and advanced features. Similar to Panda, this program also comes in three separate packages with distinctive features added to each of them. It comes with file backup and encryption, efficient password manager, kids, protection over cyber surfing, and award-winning protection. Besides, this software allows the users to benefit themselves with convenient features even on a free subscription compared to the rest of its competitors. The only area Kaspersky lacks behind is complete malware protection. Nevertheless, it’s a great deal when it comes to overall security and device efficiency at an affordable rate.

Top Antivirus Comparison

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Serving a sharp competition to Kaspersky is the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus solution. It has been awarded for the security protection it has been providing The Windows, Mac and other processors over the years. It facilitates an automatic upgrade of its software, multi-layer ransomware protection, webcam protection, updated Autopilot, free VPN of 500 MB per month and zero system slowdown. Bitdefender Antivirus comes in three to five devices annual subscription within the range of $59.99. However, Bitdefender does add to the problem of unnecessary flagging of authentic sites at times.

Top Antivirus Comparison

Symantec Norton Antivirus

Another winner in the field of the security solution is Symantec’s Norton Antivirus. Norton provides plenty of scan choices to detect malicious codes. Besides, the phishing protection capability is impressive, comes with an online backup of data and various other bonus features. However, Norton provides a single device subscription at $59.99 which is expensive.

Top Antivirus Comparison

McAfee Antivirus Plus

Topping our list is the ultimate McAfree Antivirus Plus with superior techniques of protection against malware and security threats. McAfee allows installing security software on every device ranging from Windows, Mac to iOS or Android in your household at the price Norton charges for one license. The results against malware termination are impressive, fantastic phishing protection is ensured, a new feature of Ransom Guard locates behavior or possible ransomware and destroys them, comes with an inconspicuous firewall to prevent stealthy viruses and provides a quick clean up and optimization of device performance. McAfree can hence be your ultimate choice of quality virus protection for your devices.

Top Antivirus Comparison

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Top Antivirus Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While choosing an antivirus for your computer system, it is essential to keep in mind your requirements. Many antiviruses can affect the working speed of the system. Hence it is fundamental to choose a lightweight antivirus that provides a good level of protection. The upgradability of the anti-virus makes it adapt to the new malware and malicious programs quickly. A few of the top antivirus choices for laptops are- Quickheal Total Security Software, Kaspersky Internet Security, McAfee Antivirus, AVG Antivirus, BitDefender, Norton, and Avast. While picking an antivirus, it should be kept in mind that how much memory and space an anti-virus takes. An anti-virus using heavier RAM can slow down the computer processes.

Quick Heal Total Security is antivirus software from the firm named Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that is based in Maharashtra and it offers inclusive antivirus security including extra features like privacy and data protection as well as parental control. In addition to making your online banking secure, this Indian antivirus software also ensues robust safety and seamless Internet surfing for your system. This way, your financial information during online shopping and banking remain protected. Moreover, the feature of Parental Control permits you to control and manage computer and Internet access for the kids.

Due to the high demand for Antivirus programs in this world of gruesome cybercrimes, plenty of Antivirus programs are to be found in the market. Some of the prominent Antivirus programs are-

  1. Kaspersky Security.
  2. Avast Antivirus.
  3. Bitdefender Total Security 2020.
  4. Norton Antivirus.
  5. Quick Heal Total Security.
  6. Panda Dome Internet Security.
  7. Avira Free Antivirus.
  8. Total AV Free.
  9. Adaware Free Antivirus.
  10. Windows Defender.
  11. MacAfee Security.
  12. AVG Antivirus.
  13. Malwarebytes Antivirus.
  14.  Bullguard Protection.
  15.  ClamWin Security.
  16. Frontier.

Norton Family Parental Control is one of the best Child Tracking apps. Norton is one of the leading AV companies and offers a wide range of security products along with a Parental Control mobile software for helping the concerned parents to track the location of their children without letting them know. Norton Family Parental Control is compatible with iOS and Android and apart from tracking down the location of the children, the program also offers useful features such as-

  • Block illegitimate websites that contain inappropriate content before they discovered by the children.
  • Access the browser history and the Youtube-watch history of the children.

Norton Anti-virus powered by Symantec has been the winner of the AV-TEST program for providing the best protection against malware and other advanced cyber threats. Indeed, Norton Antivirus protection is good enough since plenty of authorized companies, as well as millions of users, rely on the security protection offered by Norton. Apart from basic virus protection, Norton Antivirus also offers other internet security features such as – Download protection, on-time, and on-demand virus scanner, email protection, password protection, anti-tracker, anti-theft, webcam and microphone protection, call blocker and file vault. Norton Antivirus only offers brilliant features in a single pack but also works on each type of device such as tablets, pcs, smartphones and laptops, and compatible with Norton Antivirus macOS, iOS, Android and Norton antivirus for Windows.

One of the best antiviruses with great customer reviews is the Norton antivirus. It offers cross-platform robust protection and excellent customer support. It is one of the highest-rated antiviruses in the market with easy to download option. But it’s true that it’s a bit expensive compared to other antiviruses available. It is highly recommended for Windows and Mac and safely protects all private information of the user. It comes with a 100% promise for virus protection. It proved to deliver the best virus detection as well as elimination algorithms for the business. It has several premium features perfect to protect from all the latest and evolving threats for computer and personal information.

There are two types of antivirus programs, one that comes for free of cost and the other one is paid. The sole purpose of both of them is to offer protection against malware infection. The common features that come with both programs are scanning and firewall shield. While talking about the difference, Free antivirus offers only baseline virus protection when Paid Antivirus includes additional security features along with virus protection. Users have to renew the subscription after a specific span of time to enjoy the benefits of paid antivirus, while free antivirus does not require such formalities. Indeed, Free Antivirus programs can not compete with paid versions but can be relied upon if one is looking for baseline protection against malware. Paid versions offer internet security along with virus protection to stand against advanced threats and to prevent future threats. Paid antivirus also beats free antivirus in the criteria of system compatibility as it offers protection for relevant OS systems and works on various devices such as tablets, smartphones, Desktops, and Laptops. Almost all of the AV companies offer both Free and Paid versions of antivirus. Users can choose the ideal products for themselves as per their needs.

Malwarebytes Antivirus is considered as one of the best anti-malware software and its free version is certainly the most beneficial one to give a shot. Its developers religiously update it regularly permitting it for being completely equipped along with all the current issues and problems. There is a reason why Malwarebytes is regarded as an exceptional anti-malware tool as it not only detects ransomware, malware, and adware efficiently, but it can also work alongside any other antivirus in your system as well. Upon the installation, this anti-malware software comes with the 14-day trial period of premium paid edition.

Antivirus is installed to protect PC from viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, worms, phishing attacks, and other malicious programs. These programs can harm your PCs performance, steal your data and damage your files. To protect computers from these viruses, antivirus software is installed. This antivirus software detects, prevents and removes the malware from your PC. Many free antiviruses are available for free download. of the topmost choices for free antivirus are- Avast Antivirus, Avira Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, Bitdefender Antivirus, Panda Free Antivirus, Sophos Free Antivirus, and others. All these can be downloaded from their official websites. They provide the basic protection for your PC and does not affect the overall performance of the PC.

Malware is malicious software or a program that affects the system adversely. These programs can be trojan horses, worms, spyware, adware, computer viruses, and other harmful programs. Anti Malware programs are created to protect computer systems from these viruses and malware. This malware can steal data, damage files, cause identity theft and affect the overall performance of the system. To protect a computer system from this malware,anti-malware software is installed. These anti-malware software detects, prevents and removes malicious programs from the computer and blocks entry of new malware as well. Best free anti-malware available online for free download are -Kaspersky Antivirus, Avira Antivirus, Avast Antivirus, Panda Free Antivirus, Bitdefender Free Antivirus, and few others.

Best Antivirus For Windows 7, the top choices are Avast, Kaspersky and AVG antivirus. Avast boasts of its extreme malware protection combined with inbuilt features for maximum protection. The scan is quick and efficient and can find out the most notorious of malware and threats. Kaspersky offers real-time security, excellent phishing protection and even gives a warning for unsafe websites. It also provides privacy protection and parental lock. AVG’s scan detects hidden malware, unwanted browser extensions and addressed PC performance problems.AVG also provides a free file shredder to safely delete confidential files. Apart from these three, Bitfender, Adaware and panda free antivirus are also an optimum choice.

A lightweight antivirus should be able to protect the PC without affecting its workings and speed. A lightweight antivirus should use less memory, scan fast and do not add strain to system workings. Each antivirus software varies from each other in terms of memory usage, scanning time and space it occupies. Most lightweight anti-viruses would be Avast, Panda cloud, Windows defender, Webroot and F-secure. Avast antivirus uses 9kb when idle and 62 kb for scanning. Norton antivirus uses 10kb and 77kb for scanning. Kaspersky pure uses 14kb when idle and 82kb for scanning. Memory usage and resulted speed are also taken into account when looking for a lightweight antivirus.

Parental Control is one of the most desirable features as it is very helpful for those parents who are concerned about their children’s access to the internet. Parental control app or service allows the parents-

  • to limit the internet usage of their children.
  • to determine the screentime of the games their children play or the videos they watch or the apps they run.
  • to block illegitimate websites that contain inappropriate content from being discovered by their children.
  • to track the recent location their children had been, this not only helps the parent to check upon their children but also helps them to take precautionary measures if their children are into some danger.
  • to lock files or apps with a password to prevent children from doing any mess.

You can download the Parental Control app separately or can go for Internet Security programs that also covers the feature of Parental control.

Norton Family Parental Control is one of the best Child Tracking apps. Norton is one of the leading AV companies and offers a wide range of security products along with a Parental Control mobile software for helping the concerned parents to track the location of their children without letting them know. Norton Family Parental Control is compatible with iOS and Android and apart from tracking down the location of the children, the program also offers useful features such as-

  • Block illegitimate websites that contain inappropriate content before they discovered by the children.
  • Access the browser history and the Youtube-watch history of the children.

There is no denying the fact that Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus software that not only provides you with a comprehensible and no-nonsense interface but also makes it a point that your system does not slow down. Its unbeatable malware security and excellent level of protection are what make this reputed antivirus software company stand out from the others. Along with guarding you against the virus on your Android devices and PC, it also stores and secures your private documents and passwords. Kaspersky does a fantastic job in defending your system against infected files, viruses, suspicious sites, and dangerous applications.

Norton provides many different packages, all designed for different needs of the customer. These packs are – Norton Family Premier, Norton Security Premium, Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Standard, Norton Secure VPN, Norton Antivirus Basic, Norton Utilities Premium and Norton Mobile Security for iOS. Norton Security Premium helps protect up to more than 10 PCs while Deluxe protects up to 5 PCs.Norton Secure VPN protects your private information when using public wifi. Norton Antivirus Basic provides protection for one computer system only. Norton Security Standard provides a basic security layer for 1 PC, 1 Mac or 1 mobile device. These subscriptions vary from one another, based on customers’ requirement.

Since Windows 10 comes with a preinstalled AV program namely Windows Defender, Windows 10 users can already enjoy the baseline security benefits such as malware protection and real-time scanning. But this free program can not stand alone against all advanced cyber threats like spyware, trojan horses, keyloggers, email viruses, ransomware, and many more unidentified malicious contents. Kaspersky Total Security comprehends essential security features like VPN, Real-time malware protection, Safe browsing, Web-cam protection, Parental control, Spyware defense, Safe vault, privacy protection, and password management to offer optimum Internet Protection against all cyber threats. In this point of view, Kaspersky Total Security Suit definitely does the job with accuracy to offer protection for Windows 10 and hence, can be considered a good one.

Frontier Virus Protection differs from other AV programs as it is powered by F-secure. F-Secure possesses the highest score in various security tests conducted by independent labs and features acute Browsing security such as Blocking malicious websites that do not have a secure protocol in their URL address, antiphishing, online banking protection, realtime defense against sudden malware attacks and parental control. But based on the public reviews, Frontier virus protection, although powered by F-secure, is not a top-notch AV product as the users are facing technical malfunctions lately while running the program on their devices.

Malwarebytes offers multiple layers for ensuring absolute virus protection to your PC and Smartphone as well as makes it a point to achieve thorough spyware and malware removal. Not only this, but it also provides users with unique ransomware protection as well. The proven technology of Malwarebytes crashes Mac malware’s growing threat and proves to be a smart enough cybersecurity option for the same. The reputed antivirus software also secures endpoints against the cyberattacks with the multi-layered approach which leverages dynamic and static techniques at the attack chain’s every stage. It integrates security with EDR i.e., Endpoint Detection and response capabilities through the single agent for eliminating complexity.

When it comes to the best Antivirus in today’s market, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 surely takes the cake here as it provides you with well-grounded regular protection. With only Windows as its operating system and the ability to cover a maximum of 3 devices, the best features of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus include –
• Ransomware remediation and protection
• Privacy tools
• Safepay
• Optional VPN
• Subscription includes the frequent updates
• Password Manager

Boasting more than 500 million users, Bitdefender offers the complete-featured package and also as per several test results, its antivirus products have score high ratings.