Best Antivirus Software for Android

Antivirus software is the protection against the threats that the computer system faces when connects with network and other devices. It is originally designed to detect and remove computer viruses. The computer viruses are malicious software that enters into the computer system and alter the operations of the system by spreading it from one computer to another. The virus attached the important file or document to the legitimate software to scan its code. Once the virus is infected in the computer, it may disrupt the other computers connected with the same network.

Virus damage the system through the means of corrupting the files, spamming e-mails, stealing the personal and confidential information of the users and hacking the software. The viruses are originally designed by the hacker to steal the information from the other computers devices. The viruses disguised themselves as legitimate software for the users to download them that further destroys the efficient working of the systems. Viruses are also known as Malware software designed to destroy and disrupt the computer, user, and computer networks. Malware software includes various types of threats such as Trojans horses are malware software that misleads its user to download them. Computer worms are the malware software that spreads to various computer networks with the help of security failures to the system. The Ransomware is the type of malware software that threatens to publish the user’s personal data until the money is paid to them. They even lock the system in such a way that it is difficult to boost it back. Spyware is systems that share the information of the users without their consent to the other entity.

 There are several other threats that disrupt computer integrity such as Rootkits that disguised them as the existence of other software to access computers software or network that is not allowed. Bootkits are the part of rootkits that destroy the disk encryption system. Keylogging is the act of logging the keys of the keyboard without the knowledge of the users that their action is monitored. Backdoors are the secret path of bypassing the authentic information of the device.DOS attack makes theresource unavailable for its user by damaging the services of the host connected with the internet.  Thus, Antivirus software is needed to protect the devices against such threats so that the system can work normally without any disturbances.

 The Mobile devices and Smartphone are prone to viruses due to shady application downloaded by the users and here, is the list of best Antivirus software for Android:

  1. CM Security: CM is also known as a clean master application that helps to clean the junk files from the devices and boost the memory of the smart phones so that it can work without getting hanged in between the works. It is developed by Cheetah Mobile that brings the features of antivirus and security for the smart phones. It also offers several features like browsing protection, battery saver and the privacy protection of the applications. It provides security and protection against all the threats that our smart phone may prone to it.
  2. Avast Antivirus: It is one of the highly recommended antiviruses. It provides double protection with the help of a new shield. With the help of this antivirus, it takes care of RAM boosting, junk cleaning and provides security to other applications. It even checks the security of the current Wi-Fi connection and provides the feature to lock the specific application. It is on demand and helps to scan in real-time scanning. It also contains advanced features such as SIM security and camera trap. It provides an application insight which measures the time spent on the application by the user. The photo vault helps to search for photographs against unwanted access.
  3. Norton Antivirus: It can now be downloaded on Android. It helps to remove the malware software from the devices. Integration with Google application allows users to know the new alerts about the application. The premium version has distinctive features that generate a huge amount of security to the users once purchased it. The Wi-Fi scanning that alerts user regarding unsecured connections. Sneak peek of clicking the photographs of the person accessing your device without authority. Call blocking helps to mute spam call of your phone.
  4. AVG Antivirus: This antivirus provides various types of security to the smart phones which include; power saving option, app locking, junk cleaning option, task killer, anti-theft and backup features for the applications. It is considered to be the best antivirus software for Android.
  5. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: This antivirus software is best for Android as it contains free version in premium version and also paid version in it. It allows the scanning of the application to remove malware and viruses. The premium features also provides distinctive features which include real-time protection, anti-theft, and an application locker to provide security to the application. It blocks unwanted and spam calls for the user and provides the location in case phone gets lost.
  6. Bit defender Antivirus: It is one of the most powerful antivirus tools that provide protection against all the major Android threats. It uses in- the- cloud scanning technology that increases the speed of the scanning ability. It provides the real-time protection and scans the application when installed. It doesn’t drain the battery of the mobile phones while the user using this application. The integrated VPN help to block the websites and supports the Android Wear devices. It provides web protection against malware software while browsing.
  7. Sophos Mobile security: It is an excellent security application that provides protection against malware software without displaying the advertisements. It contains several features such as application locker, security adviser that advice the users on how to improve the devise security, call blocker, etc.It protects the application with the use of passcode and Wi-Fi security to protect the device from snooping by middlemen.
  8. McAfee Mobile security: It consists of several features such as security lock, battery optimizer, memory cleaner, and Wi-Fi security available in the free version. It provides tutorial for every new feature of their application. The thief cam helps in capturing the photograph of the intruder. It wipes out the data in case the phone is lost.

Thus, there is much best antivirus software available for Android to provide protection from all sorts of threats.