Avast Security

Avast Security is the great solution for keeping your system safe from any probable dangers and its free version is worth a shot. The basic version offers an amazing array of features that must be enough for protecting the average house computer user. Having said that, the features of Avast Antivirus’s paid version are something that you must try to safeguard your system and boost its overall performance. They are perfect in case you are performing the sensitive journalism, running an organization, or when you doubt that the skilled adversary might be targeting your system personally. However, the free version of Avast Security will be more than enough for most of the users.

Now, the question arises is that how safe is safe enough? The free version of Avast provides you with a wonderful antivirus engine at its base. There is no way that you won’t love Avast’s security and the pace with which it reacts for recognizing and mitigating dangerous programs.


Avast went above as well as beyond in terms of designing their antivirus product’s free version. Also, the fundamental virus scans provide more functionality than most of the other antivirus software programs in the market. Rather than only looking for malware and viruses, it also identifies out-of-date software, network issues, malignant browser add-ons, weak passwords, and unsafe sensitive documents.

Avast Security considers leveraging the technology called Data Loss Prevention i.e., DLP. This tool is generally used in the context of the large companies which store client data like social security numbers and credit card numbers. All these extra features are the distraction from the scan’s core itself i.e., malware detector. As per the independent laboratory tests, Avast has the high-rated antivirus engine that demonstrates advanced features.

Avast is effective at recognizing and mitigating vectors like code injection attacks and drive-by-downloads through which malware generates. In a nutshell, Avast Security will detect most of the forms of advanced malware and will prevent them from even getting installed on the system. In case any malware gets by, an automatic scan will detect as well as destroy the infection in a day.

When malware tries to execute on the system, Avast instantly gets into action. It will immediately identify most known malware samples and then quarantine as well as delete the same. In case Avast recognizes the unknown file that acts suspiciously, this antivirus software program kills the procedure as well as analyzes malware samples at the corporate headquarters. In case you doubt that even after opting for Avast Security, it has missed any file, you can also right-click on a file in Windows Explorer Panel as well as select the folder or file for individual scanning.

The most important part is that Avast is quite good at ensuring the fact that malware does not get onto your system at all. It recognizes most websites which try to distribute the malware before their downloading gets started onto the computer. To summarize, Avast’s free version offers a comprehensive security package that you won’t regret installing.

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