AVG Internet Security Free

Protect the personal devices with the best protection features provided by AVG Internet Security Free. Needless to say, this is the best way of safeguarding your private life and personal files. Always remember that malware does not only affect your system anymore as it has gotten more personal. Through webcam spying and ransomware, hackers can get to your most personal photos and files, or even peep into the house. Now, AVG Internet Security comes with the new Ransomware protection and Webcam safety features for securing your private files as well as your

Computer Protection by AVG offers the first line of defense for a system with sheer and at an affordable price.

The developed antivirus scans by AVG Internet Security Free flat-out prevent and removes viruses, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, and Rootkits etc. As all this happens in real-time, threats can easily be caught before they have the chance of reaching out to the users. Moreover, you can also stay assured for the security of your DVD and USB drives as well. In addition to this, one of the major things that appeal to most of the users is the fact that AVG Internet Security Free updates your safety automatically as well as uses the advanced AI i.e., Artificial Intelligence and the real-time observation for help in stopping even the latest threats from getting near the users.

AI Detection

This Internet security software program uses the advanced Artificial Intelligence on a system for proactively identifying the malware samples which have not been cataloged by the ThreatLabs team yet.

Advanced Antivirus

It thoroughly scans your computer’s every corner (and any connected drives) in the real-time for ransomware, viruses, worms, spyware, rootkits, and Trojans as well as any other type of malware. If you want, you can also schedule the whole-system scans for a time when you will not be available at your system.


AVG Internet Security Free

uses the cloud-based technology that helps in stopping even the latest malware outbreaks and variants in the real-time. Whenever AVG’s antivirus faces an unknown danger, it uploads the same to the ThreatLabs for observation. They will then send out the cure to the millions of users through the security update. Ultimately, the result will be better security for everyone.

PUA Scanner

It scans for the potentially unwanted apps i.e., PUAs which you might have downloaded unknowingly (for example, adware as well as other malicious apps bundled with the downloaded software).

Behavior Shield

Just like a careful watchdog, AVG Internet Security Free provides the users with this relevant feature that works in the real-time for sniffing out the suspicious behavior of software that is running on the system and warning you in case anything is amiss. Furthermore, this also helps in the protection against the zero-day threats, keyloggers, and malicious programs that record the details of the bank account and typed passwords secretly.

With the free version of AVG Internet Security, your e-mail has never been safer before. The e-mail shield technology particularly targets the email attachments for stopping threats, irrespective of where they come from – friends unknowingly sending out malware or the malicious senders. 

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