AVG Antivirus Pro

AVG Antivirus Pro is the security software that provides you with a comprehensive package of various services to the users. It is updated frequently, scans your system quickly and also has the plethora of many configuration options. The malware detection of AVG antivirus has some room for improvement, but when it comes to its Pro version, plenty of additional features are offered. There is no denying the fact that AVG antivirus is one of the topmost software safety programs and that is why trying out the pro version will prove to be a great decision.

Its free version only provides the users with a link and antivirus protection, while AVG Antivirus Pro also offers them the anti-spam feature and also gives access to the fast update track. Try out the pro version of AVG Antivirus and you will be impressed with the results.


The pro version of AVG antivirus software offers you some good privacy security options. From the File Shredder which will erase files permanently that you wish gone, to the Data Safe that will store the sensitive files onto the encrypted password-secured virtual disk.

Ease of Use and Installation

The latest version of the AVG Antivirus Pro perfectly caters to the requirements of the users in terms of ease of use. The installation of this product is straightforward, just like license registration. There is nothing to worry as not much can go wrong here and you just have to follow the instructions for getting the job done in a matter of time.

Along with the basic function of providing antivirus protection, AVG also offers link security as well as the scanning of several social network and browser links for the harmful content. The availability of online shield guarantees the safety of your system from the harmful downloads. In addition to this, AVG Antivirus Pro can also encrypt the private files and protect the same through a secure password. This is particularly useful in case you wish to get the best browsing experience.

One of the major Pro-only features is the Device Lock that helps in locking your Smartphone in case the SIM card is replaced. The pro version of AVG Antivirus has amazing privacy and anti-theft tools. There is a reason why it is the much-preferred choice for a lot of users out there as it offers them with plenty of useful features –

·     Affordably priced

·     Clean Interface

·     Good privacy-protection and anti-theft tools

AVG Antivirus Pro is the fundamental anti-malware application for the android devices which offers innumerable privacy-protection and anti-theft tools per years for $14.99. Needless to say, it is the well-rounded and most suitable anti-malware suite. Clean Interface of the application is easy in terms of navigation and its amazing features provide you with many safeguards against your private information’s theft. For upgrading to the pro version, either you can buy the subscription on Google Play ($1.49 for the monthly subscription or $14.99 for an annual subscription) or downloading the free version and then go for the up-gradation to Pro within the application itself.

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