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AVG Free Antivirus is good as well as strongly recommended software as the company has been in the market for a very long time and is known for its reliability.

Do not permit anyone to utilize your system or information remotely and download AVG Free Antivirus today to avail its incredible benefits. It offers complete security against all main online dangers and if you wish to get high-end safety like email protection and firewall security, get upgraded to its paid version. This also provides you with basic anti spyware and antivirus protection for Windows as well as Mobile. You can use AVG Free Antivirus for non-commercial and private purposes only.

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•    Easy to use, download, and install

•    Proven quality by millions of users

•    Security against spyware and viruses

AVG Antivirus Free has a few extra features as well. In case you only require malware security and do not want to pay for the advanced features, then it is certainly the best option for you to choose. Customize the security of your system with this ultra-configurable Antivirus.

Moreover, it has just got better now as AVG Free Antivirus now offers scans for both performance and malware issues, real-time safety updates, and also catches the malicious downloads before they reach the PC. The design has also become all-new and refreshingly simple that represents how exactly you are secured. All these facilities and that too, without even slowing down the computer.

This comes under the category of extremely famous free Antivirus Software in the market and AVG is making a move from the annual releases to the rolling releases. Till you have the subscription, you will get to use this Antivirus Software’s latest version.

•    The protection of AVG Free Antivirus ranges from basic antivirus scanning to blocking of the potentially threatening websites.

•    With the help of the performance optimizer, you can conveniently get the most out of the computer.

•    Through File Shredder, embarrassing photos can now easily be disappeared.

•    This antivirus software shares the underlying technology of malware-detection with the corporate sibling Avast but has a unique feel and look.

•    Its defenses start with comparing the files against a database of known malware signatures and conventional scanning. That is supplemented with heuristic monitoring for catching previously unseen malware by looking for the malicious behavior’s telltale signs.

Anything that can prove to be a threat is quickly uploaded to the lab of AVG for complete analysis. The proven new dangers are assigned new malware signatures which are then sent out to 200 million users of AVG in the next update of the database that happens various times in a day.

It has built-in defenses against spyware and email attachments. The SafePrice browser add-ons for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome help you in staying away from the dodgy retail websites. Not only this, but it also saves you a lot of bucks as well. Site-reputation monitoring is directly built into the AVG Free Antivirus and this feature also works with any browser.

An important Scan button center and front assist you in starting the scanning process quickly. A more rigorous scrub is also available with Deep Scan that examines everything in the system.

AVG Antivirus Software does not utilize Browser Extensions. Pop-messages are used for letting the users know when the website you try to access is malicious. It makes the use of this software much easier as no extra steps are required to be taken for protection from the online threats.

This antivirus software places the infected files in quarantine so that you cannot open them until you get the chance to go through the warnings and know what exactly is in them. In case the program quarantines the files that you know is secure, you can instruct the software to return it to the system before the elimination of the rest of the threats.

AVG Free Antivirus is the basic Antivirus program but what makes it stand out from the crowd is the fact that it comes with a few advanced safety tools. One of these is the email and spam filter that scans the incoming mail messages for, firstly, making sure that they are not spamming messages and also, identifying its attachment to any malware, either as an attachment or in a message itself.

•    It runs system performance scans that inform you about out-of-date software on the system or the weak password that one can strengthen.

•    In case there is a sensitive file that you prefer not to be scanned by AVG, you can easily exclude it from scan preferences of the software.

•    AVG Free Antivirus has the passive mode which means that it will run as the backup antivirus program to any others you might have installed without prompting the removal of other programs.

•    One of its much-appreciated qualities is that it knows when it is the security’s secondary mode and when it is required to step up as well as perform the lead role.

•    There is no denying the fact that it works well both as the primary and backup malware detection program.

•    It is highly customizable, accurate and its package includes all the expected features i.e., real-time download, antivirus engine, web filtering for blocking malicious links, and email scanning.

The AVG Free Antivirus also does not have any ads, significant limitations or restrictions designed for forcing you to update.

It is the Zero-cost choice for those users who wish to safeguard themselves from a wide variety of threats which have the possibility of being exposed to while using the computer connected to the Internet. The installation process takes a few moments and then, the protection of your system is assured forever. With the cutting-edge virus scanner that removes and blocks viruses, you can be completely relieved that you as well as your family is secured from the latest dangers. There is a reason why AVG Free Antivirus continuously gets ranked among the best antivirus program globally as it offers you plenty of commendable safety features for free.

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