AVG Total Security

Since 1991, AVG antivirus software has established itself as one of the most trustworthy anti-malware software programs. For 25 years this brand can be trusted with the full security of your computer and other devices. If your device is equipped with AVG Total Security then there is no need for you to worry about malware infection or ransomware invasion of your phone or computer.

The enhanced firewall feature gives you control of what kind of links or documents will be introduced near your computer. The AVG Total Security also makes sure that your devices are fully privacy protected. It locks your private files and photos in a password-protected folder and also safeguards permanently shared documents. The breach of privacy has become very common in the world of the internet so a cybersecurity system that takes care of your privacy in addition to manning the entry of virus is highly desirable.

These days there is an increase in the number of cybercrimes.  When people are making transactions and bookings online and have their important data kept on their computers then this means that digital devices are where the most precious and profitable stuff is. One can say that with digitalization our phone is more expensive than our bank account. Therefore an additional layer of protection which is seen in the form of URL scanning is necessary.

This feature scans every link that you access to see if it is safe or it. It prevents you from going to websites that are unsafe by blocking them or sending you a warning.  This makes sure that you are only surfing safe sites. The online payments and other money transactions are also secured with the help of URL scanning. Your online shopping experience will be completely secured after downloading this software.  It also scans all your emails for Trojans and phishing emails.  

The real-time link and download scanning make sure that your computer and other devices are secured live. You can also schedule your scans whenever you are done downloading a bunch of files from the internet or feel that your computer is at risk. An increasing number of malware infection reaches the systems via the internet these days hence the need for URL scanning is paramount.  

AVG Total Security

AVG Total Security extends its security features to the subscriber’s android devices as well. It allows the user to block their applications and photos that are private and are prone to hacking.  The interface of AVG Total Security is very easy and user-friendly. The software does not occupy much space which appeals to people who have storage issues. The functions of AVG do not interface with the ongoing programs of the computer.

A free trial period is also offered by the AVG antivirus company so that the user can know if the services offered by the software, match the needs of the potential customer or not. AVG is highly rated software and has millions of loyal users around the world, with time its prestige is set to grow more and more.

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