Avg Computer Virus Protection

Whenever you think of a reliable antivirus software, the first one that comes to mind, undoubtedly, is AVG. The company has come up with various packs for different users. There is a free download software by AVG that provides the basic AVG computer virus protection to its users at no cost and with no hidden charges whatsoever. With its lightning-fast installation and amazing security features at zero costs, this free AVG antivirus is preferred by millions. It provides regular and automatic updates, so the user does not have to worry about their computer ever being vulnerable to any kind of cyber-attack or malicious malware. Along with the various targeted scanning options such as USB/DVD Scan, Deep Scan, Performance Scan, etc., the antivirus also inspects every link and attachment in an email. It detects and blocks any suspicious links in the web browser so that the user does not open the page accidentally.

Then, there is the Internet Security plan that has an amazing array of tools and features that protect the user’s data and other sensitive information from being hacked or stolen for ransomware. This AVG computer virus protection software comes with an Enhanced Firewall that helps keep hackers away. It protects your passwords, banking details, and other personal information from getting leaked online. Along with the basic Web and Email protection, the antivirus software also has an added Toolbar Remover feature that removes any potential threats from your browser, that might have been downloaded without authority.

The most impressive of all is the AVG Ultimate Antivirus software. With its unlimited number of installations and much better protection features, this one is favored by most families. This AVG computer virus protection is an all-rounder antivirus and tune-up combo pack. Along with the top-notch Internet Security features, the award-winning antivirus also tunes up your computer for better and effective performance. Priced at a decent Rs. 2,643 per year, this software is designed only for personal and family use. It comes packed with an astonishing array of protective features such as ransomware protection, webcam protection, anti-theft, payments protection, email protection, and many more.

With AVG TuneUp, boost your computer’s speed and performance. It automatically fixes bugs in your computer and tunes your PC every week to clear residual files. The AVG computer virus protection program identifies issues within the system and fixes them. It also cleans up the web browser, cookies, and cached files so that your PC runs smoothly and without any delay. Another amazing feature provided by AVG is the Sleep Mode. there are many installed apps and programs that run in the background, even when not in use, thereby slowing the PC down. The Sleep Mode technology helps in optimizing the PC by putting such background programs to sleep. The Software Uninstaller tool helps in removing unnecessary programs and toolbars, by automatically detecting bloatware and other junk programs.

There are also other features like Disk Cleaner, Browser Cleaner, Software Updater, etc. that help free up space in the system as well as keep your PC secure from viruses.

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