AVG Internet Security

Protects your devices with the best  of AVG Internet Security. Not only malware software disrupts the efficient working of the system but hacker’s with the help of ransomware and webcam spying steal the personal files and photos of the user. Users must download the AVG Internet Security which has introduced the new features such as Webcam Protection and Ransomware Protection to secure the personal files and photos of the user.

The AVG Internet Security removes and blocks out the viruses, spyware, ransomware, and malware and catches the threats before they reach to the user. Packed with advanced Artificial Intelligence and real-time analysis, it catches the latest threats and prevents them from reaching the users. It updates the new security features automatically and secures the USB and DVD drives of your device when attached to the Internet.

The Email Shield technology targets the email attachments to stop the threats that arise from the unknown sources and prevent the user from sending or receiving the infected files with their friends when they use PCs. The online security guarantees the real-time link and protection against unsecured Wi-Fi spots. It even helps users to avoid dangerous websites by scanning the links for threats. It scans the downloaded file before they reach the computer of the user and helps to avoid the malicious hotspots used by the hackers when your system is connected with unsecured Wi-Fi network.

The AVG Internet Security contains the Firewall that provides full control over exactly who and what comes in and out of your system. The extra layer of Ransomware protection protects against the increasing attacks of ransomware. It protects the user’s private files, photos and passwords so that hackers don’t mess with them. It gives them total control to the users to delete or change the applications which they want from their system.

It prevents suspicious applications from accessing the webcam of the user and hides the private files, photos and files from the hackers. The File shredder helps to delete data to prevent unintended or unauthorized recovery. The Webcam Protection disables the force untrusted application before they start running in your system.

The AVG Internet Security allows users to shop and bank online securely and freely. It blocks the spam and scans, and help to avoid the fake copycat websites and prevent you from accidentally giving your passwords and phone numbers to the unknown people. The anti-spam blocks the malicious websites and emails to keep your inbox cleaner and the Fake Website Shield avoid the fake websites so that you don’t share your personal information with them. It prevents the hackers from hijacking the DNS which is domain name system setting by using your own secured DNS servers that faithfully direct the user to real websites.

The AVG Internet Security provides greater security to your android devices. It locks the private files, photos and passwords of the user if the phone is lost and keeps the hackers away from the personal data of the users.

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