AVG Internet Security 2019

Shielding your desktop and laptops from malware and virus is extremely important. Keeping up with the ever-changing technology and safeguarding your private data is essential. The best in-class AVG Internet Security 2019 provides total protection for your personal devices. Priced at a decent and nominal Rs. 2,068 per year, AVG antivirus software protects your personal files too.

Cyber attacks are not limited to malware and viruses. There are also threats like ransomware and webcam hacking present in the digital world, where hackers attack and access your personal files and data, and can even access the webcam. AVG Internet Security 2019 comes with an added layer of protection against such threats and breach of privacy.

Computer Protection:

The software keeps your computer secure with various advanced antivirus scans. With regular automatic updates and real-time analysis, your device is never at risk or vulnerable to any new malware or virus. The software quietly works in the background, eradicating any suspicious files, allowing the user to work online without any lag or disturbance. The antivirus alerts the user about any threats that are discovered in the system or online. It places the infected file in quarantine so that the user does not accidentally open the file. You can also remove the file from quarantine if you are sure about its origins and know that the file is safe to open.

Web & Email Protection:

With Email Shield technology, AVG Internet Security 2019 ensures online security. It scans email links and attachments for any hidden malware or suspicious files before you open them. It also scans all the downloads while protecting the device from any unsecured WiFi spots. Another useful feature provided by the software is Toolbar Remover. It helps in removing potential threats from the browser’s toolbars that may have been downloaded without your permission.

Hacker Attacks:

The Enhanced Firewall helps in keeping hackers and ransomware at bay. With the increase in ransomware attacks, this is a welcome feature as your private data such as passwords, banking details, etc. is walled-off from malicious malware. AVG also gives the user total control over the installed apps. Only the user can define which apps can change your files or have access to them.


AVG antivirus offers total privacy protection and monitors your device for any suspicious activities. With its Webcam Protection, encrypt your personal photos and data. Hackers can sometimes access the webcam of your systems, but with AVG Internet Security 2019, leave this worry behind. While your deleted files can still be recovered by hackers, AVG’s File Shredder ensures that the deleted file cannot be accessed without permission.

Payments Protection:

As we are stepping into a cashless economy, online shopping and net banking, etc. has increased manifold. But with this comes the headache of spam and identity thefts. AVG antivirus software comes to the rescue with serious internet protection features. With its Anti-Spam feature and Fake Website Shield, phishing emails and spam emails are blocked so that the users don’t accidentally provide their banking details, important passwords, etc. to a duplicate website.

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