Avg Antivirus Free Download For Laptop

To ensure your PC running on most recent version of Windows 7 away from security dangers and virus attacks, you have to introduce an appropriate antivirus. AVG, without a doubt, is the principal decision of numerous PC clients as it offers some extraordinary antivirus programming for home just as business PC clients.

How to install and do AVG antivirus free download for a laptop?

Here, we are talking about the means to download and introduce AVG version on your PC. This won’t just spare your time however it is also known to be amazingly prudent. Attempt these simple strides to make your PC safe against such security dangers that may hamper the working of your desktop or PC and even be harmful to your data stored in the PC.

  • Stage 2 – Search for the free version and click on that tab for “download now’. At the point when the window springs up, click on “Run” or “Install” and this installs the file to your hard drive. You have to click “Run” again in the event that you get IE security cautioning.
  • Stage 3 – Pick the language and after that snap on “Next”.
  • Stage 4 – Settle on “Install just fundamental free security” and afterwards click “Next”. To proceed onward to following stage you need to wait here for some time as it relies on the speed of your internet connection. As a matter of fact, the subsequent stage is to do AVG antivirus free download for a laptop that is required for completing the process of installation.
  • Stage 5 – Snap the “I have perused the permit understanding” and acknowledge it.
  • Stage 6 – Go for standard version installation and after that click “Next” to enact the AVG Free License.
  • Stage 7 – The following page you get requests that you introduce the AVG Security Toolbar or set this as default search. These are discretionary and in the wake of making your choice, click on “Next.”
  • Stage 8 – You have effectively introduced the free version of AVG now. The last advance is to let the security approach forward to a first check and to enter a discretionary email address. Snap finish button post it.


When the last advance is finished, pick “Enhance examining now” in the following window. It may take a couple of minutes to finish however, this makes the virus searching process quicker later on. You must purchase a paid variant of AVG antivirus as quickly as time permits to get the most extreme kind of insurance against any virus attack.

Web Security picked up popularity all through the world. AVG Network licenses concentrated administration of AVG Products like AVG Antivirus free download for laptop. AVG Anti-Rookit is a device which enables clients to remove as well as block rookits.

AVG AntiVirus Professional Edition is an independent item, which is intended for little associations and homework areas. AVG plus Firewall Edition furnishes a firewall with the Professional variant. AVG Anti-Spyware Edition, in light of its Ewido motor, battles against spyware. AVG Anti-Malware Edition has both antivirus and anti-spyware services. Containing firewall, antivirus, anti-spam and anti-spyware, AVG is a complete bundle.

How to Download AVG Antivirus for free?

Computers that often surf the internet are exposed to cyber-attacks if not shielded with security software. AVG is one of the celebrated Security Companies, trusted by millions of authentic users worldwide and trusted by many tech experts. AVG offers a plentitude of security software to defend against malware threats, cyber-attacks, phishing attacks, network attacks and to assure privacy protection and system protection. AVG Free Antivirus is designed with an easy interface and compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android and supports multiplatform. To download AVG Free Antivirus you can follow the link hear

AVG Free Antivirus Download: Step By Step

1.Download the File:

  • Type “free download AVG antivirus” on your preferred search engine. eg. Google
  • Visit the official webpage of AVG antivirus (or you can directly click the link here)
  • The download of the avg. apk file will take place and it will take a few seconds to complete.

2. Install The File

  • After completing the AVG free antivirus download, Click on the downloaded .apk file
  • Wait for the installing components to get downloaded.
  • Soon after the installing components get downloaded, a window will be opened on your desktop screen. Here you need to click on the option of “customized installation”
  • In the next screen, you will get two options- “try the basic security for free” and “enjoy AVG Internet Security of 30-day’s trial”. If you want to continue with the basic security, you can click the left side option “basic security”
  • Here you can customize the security program by ticking on the options. For example- if you want to activate the browser extension of the AVG virus, you can make the option as a tick.
  • After customizing your security menu, you have click on the install the button and the installation will take place.
  • Installation may take a few minutes and once it gets done, an icon will be created on the desktop as well as on the windows bar.
  • This is the whole process of the Free Antivirus AVG download.

What are the benefits of free download AVG Antivirus?

AVG Antivirus Free Program is designed with a user-friendly interface so that one may never face difficulty to run the software. The program receives automatic security updates and the users have to go through a complicated configuration process.

The free download AVG antivirus protects the system with its effective defensive features. The acute malware scan discovers malicious files like malware, adware, viruses, trojans, rootkits, etc from each corner of the system and eliminates before they cause any harm. The program not only eliminates malicious files but also removes junk files like duplicate files, APKs, cookies, caches and many more. Through the removal of junk files, AVG antivirus frees the storage and enhances the system performance and as a result, the battery life gets expanded.

Free Antivirus AVG download also comes with features that contribute to internet security-

  • safe browser to scan the URL of the websites, to detect malicious websites and to block them before the users browse
  • Download protection, not only prevents malicious downloads from taking place but also scans the downloaded section to eliminate corrupted files before the user run them on the system
  • The internet security hides the user identity and secures online payment transaction by keeping the card details hidden to prevent phishing attacks
  • Advanced Ransomware protection which not only scans the email and email attachments but also keeps the sensitive files and confidential information in a multilayer security vault to prevent ransomware encryption attacks.

How to upgrade to the Premium Version of AVG Internet Security?

The free download AVG Antivirus can be upgraded to the next tier of AVG antivirus that is AVG Internet Security. This premium version can be run on the system for free (only for a trial period of 30or 14days). All you have to do is follow the downloading instruction of the AVG Free Antivirus and while installation, you have to go for the “Internet Security” instead of “Basic Security”. Then you will enjoy premium internet security features along with some exceptional of them are- Free VPN, File Shredder, Password Manager, File locker, Firewall, System optimizer, Anti-theft, Cloud Backup, App Locker, Remote System Management, and many more. To have quick access to free download AVG antivirus Internet Security click

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