While you take every precautionary measure to protect your PC and laptop from cyber threats, sometimes your Smartphone is left unattended, thereby making it even more vulnerable to theft of identity, data breach, and invasion of privacy. In this day and time, keeping your smartphone secure has become all the more necessary because most of our private data is stored on our phones. Photographs, videos, scanned pictures of identity cards or driving licenses, etc. are all stored in one’s phone for emergency purposes. Some people even store their banking details and passwords on their phones. Therefore, it is extremely important to safeguard such information, with the help of reliable antivirus software.

AVG Pro for Androids is an amazing software for your smartphone. Once you download the app from the app store, you will be asked to create an account after which you will receive a confirmation email. Once confirmed, the app is ready for use. When you create an account with AVG, you get a 30-day AVG free trial which has basic privacy and anti-theft features, like app lock, camera trap, etc.

Its interface is fairly simple and user-friendly. The dashboard has four buttons- Protection, Performance, Anti-Theft, and Privacy, each of which have sub-menus offering different tools and additional options. There is a ‘Scan Now’ button on the bottom of the dashboard that launches a full-system scan.

AVG Pro offers three different types of scans:

  • A standard scan that scans all your installed apps for malware;
  • A file scanner that inspects a few selected folders for suspicious activity;
  • A settings scan that sweeps the security settings of the phone and alerts you if any settings that are unsafe have been enabled.

The software also scans any new apps that are installed, automatically. The users can also set up a weekly scan of their smartphones. AVG Pro offers a huge set of features and privacy-protection tools at a nominal $14.99 per year. It also provides notifications to enhance the device’s performance by letting you know the mobile and Wi-Fi traffic that each app uses, space taken up by each app, etc.

One of the most useful features of the software is the ‘Anti-Theft and Data-Protection’ feature. You can remotely lock your smartphone if it has been stolen or misplaced. You can also locate it via GPS, and send a text message to your phone that will enable the alarms and loud sound will be emitted from the phone. You can also erase all your data remotely if you think your phone has fallen into the wrong hands. There is also a ‘Camera Trap’ tool that allows you to take pictures from the front camera if someone is trying to unlock your phone without your permission.

AVG Pro Apart from these features, AVG Pro offers a wide range of cybersecurity features to protect your smartphone from cyber attacks. It offers web-protection that scans pages for malware before loading, and also restricts access to websites that seem suspicious. In conclusion, AVG Pro is well-framed and thoughtfully designed antivirus software that provides really good security measures at a low cost.

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