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The best free antivirus software in the market in 2020 is undoubtedly AVG. A great choice for personal devices such as PCs, laptops, and Android smartphones for people who require basic malware protection and do not wish to shell any extra bucks for the advanced features that are of no major use in a home network.

What makes AVG free antivirus 2020 better from its counterparts is the fact that it doesn’t require extra browser extensions to work on. It simply delivers a pop-up notification to let you know that the site you are attempting to view is malicious or unsecured. Its new user interface is refreshingly simple and shows you just how secure your PC is. It has a lightning-fast installation process and the software itself is very light making your working experience smooth and lag-free.

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AVG free antivirus 2020 is the right choice of free antivirus software for securing your digital life. The software works in the background when you turn on your computer, swiftly detecting and blocking malware from damaging your PC and data. One of the best features of AVG free antivirus 2020 is probably the fact that once it detects a suspicious file, it places it into quarantine so that you do not open them accidentally. The software gives a warning if you try to access the infected file and tells you exactly what is in the file. But if you are sure of the file’s origin and know that it is safe to open, then you can ask the antivirus software to return the file to your PC and delete the rest of the serious threats.

AVG free antivirus 2020 also offers regular and automatic updates so that you do not have to worry about being vulnerable to any new malware and can keep working online safely. In this basic AVG free version, you also get some advanced security features for an added layer of protection for your devices. The spam and email filter feature scans all your emails along with their links and attached files before you open them, to make sure there aren’t any suspicious links, or malware attached to the mails.

You can also run system performance scans to make sure that all of your installed software are up-to-date, or if there is a password that the software sees as weak and vulnerable. Another amazing feature of AVG antivirus is that it has a passive mode, which means it can work co-efficiently in the background with another antivirus software, without asking the user to uninstall the previous software. It works well as a secondary mode of security with programs like Windows Defender, and also steps up as the leading program to patch up any security issues or vulnerability.

AVG has also upgraded its scan settings which are much more efficient and detect viruses quickly. The Performance Scan is to scan your computer for any infected files while the Deep Virus Scan is a deep scan analysis of the entire computer and is a little slow. To scan a targeted file or folder, you can choose the File/Folder Scan option, and to scan the external devices, you can use the USB/DVD Scan.

AVG free antivirus is compatible with various devices too. Whether you are working on your PC or from your Android phone, you do not have to worry about any cyberattack, as AVG has different software for different devices. The free antivirus for android comes packed with the basic security features like protecting the device from the latest viruses, malware, etc. It also warns you about any unsafe apps that may be present in your Android phone, and protect you from other nasty threats.

An even more impressive feature of this software is that if you have lost your phone, you can get the location of your phone on Google Maps by signing in on AVG’s anti-theft website. You can lock your device remotely and even turn on the alarm at full volume. You can also wipe off all your data remotely to prevent any kind of identity theft. 

In conclusion, AVG antivirus free is a software suitable for those looking to protect their PCs and Android phones with a basic cybersecurity plan that is also trustworthy and reliable. 

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