AVG free Virus protection

AVG free Virus protection gives you the best security against several malware threats and offers powerful performance and protection for your system without any hassle. We understand the relevance of maintaining your privacy and that is why ensuring the fact that what is yours always stays yours. Our new Ransomware and Webcam protection features make it a point that none can change the files or utilize your built-in camera without your consent.

AVG shares the decent malware-detection engine feature of Avast while having the much lighter system-performance effect. The benefit is that AVG’s extensive range of the customization option and file shredder are still accessible.

Pros of AVG free Virus protection

·     File Shredder

·     Small Performance Impact

·     Customizable

There is no denying the fact AVG Antivirus software is one of the best and most reputed antivirus software in the market. It can prove to be a good choice in case you only require basic malware security and do not wish to pay for the advanced features. Please note that you can also use the same in tandem along with your latest antivirus program as protection’s second layer. AVG runs the system performance scans that demonstrate you about the out-of-date software on a system or the weak password that can be strengthened. In case there is any sensitive file you do not prefer to get scanned by AVG, you can also exclude the same from the preferences of the software scan.

AVG free Virus protection has the passive mode that means this antivirus software will run as the backup antivirus program to the others you might have installed without encouraging you to eliminate other programs which include Windows Defender. It knows automatically when it is the security’s secondary mode and when it has to step up as well as perform the lead role. Various lab tests have also proved that it works well both as the primary malware detection program and as the backup.

One of the many reasons why it is highly recommended to opt for AVG free Virus protection as it does the decent job of safeguarding your system from the internet attacks. Although some viruses hold the ability to slip in through the browser and spoil the computer, AVG can easily find them and quarantine the same during the full scan. As this software runs in the passive mode, you are provided with secondary protection in case you already have an internet security program installed and it includes Windows Defender. AVG free virus protection is the best choice for you as it secures your system from several internet threats and ransomware.

Customize the security of your system with this extremely configurable antivirus software program by AVG. Although there are many advantages related to the use of AVG virus protection’s free version, here are some of the major ones –

·     More than just the decent detection rates

·     No-strings free

·     Highly configurable

The free version of AVG Antivirus is easy for finding any download from a website and within just a matter of minutes, you can easily get started with the same.

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