AVG Antivirus For Windows 7

Protecting your devices such as desktops and laptops from possible cyber-attacks and malicious malware is very important. In this digital day and age when everything is online, keeping all your private data secure without the help of any trustworthy antivirus software, is impossible. Some Windows users might think that they do not need another antivirus software along with their original Windows Defender. This is not true. Windows Defender works just fine, but there is no total security or advanced features to protect from the increasing online threats.

AVG antivirus for Windows 7 is a reliable and supremely efficient antivirus software. The best part about this software is that it co-efficiently works as a secondary antivirus along with Windows Defender, or any other antivirus for that matter. So, the user need not worry about uninstalling their previous antivirus such as Windows Defender, to install AVG antivirus.

In the AVG Basic pack that is free for users, you get basic security and protection services such as regular scans of the device, removing any suspicious file and protecting the data from being stolen or getting infected by viruses, spyware, and malware. The free antivirus also comes with Web & Email Protection tool.

This Email Shield scans all the links and attachments in an email, before the user opens them, thereby safeguarding the device. The Web Shield inspects every download and other links in the searched websites and blocks any suspicious or unsafe downloads and links.

AVG antivirus for Windows 7

also has a paid plan that comes with various advanced and useful features and tools. Along with the basic malware protection and email scanning, it also has an Enhanced Firewall that protects your private data from hackers. It also provides secure gateways for online shopping and net banking, so the user does not have to worry about his or her data being stolen for ransomware. At an annual price of $63.99, AVG antivirus for Windows 7 can be downloaded on an unlimited number of computers, and it also includes the AVG antivirus PRO for android phones. With the unlimited antivirus pack, your computer is also protected from scams and phishing emails, and other fake websites that might use your personal and banking details for fraud. The AVG antivirus for Windows 7 keeps its users secure from any identity thefts, ransomware, and spam.

The users can also seek help from their 24×7 customer care center that helps deal with any queries and problems over the phone or via chat.

Whether you are using a free AVG antivirus or a paid one, one thing that you can be sure about is that there will be no lag in security as AVG comes up with regular and automatic real-time updates that keep your computers safe from any threats and malicious malware. The antivirus is easy to install, is very light and does not affect the performance of your computer at all. It silently does its job as a background program. Its user interface is also uncomplicated and easy to use.

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