AVG Protection free

AVG Protection free uses the technology of AI i.e., Artificial Intelligence for recognizing the warning signs and operating patterns of the malware on your system as well as online. It detects and then blocks spyware, viruses, adware, ransomware, and the other damaging programs which can spoil the user’s hard drive and leave him open to the identity theft. Moreover, it also helps you in giving a warning of the potentially dangerous links and scanning websites for the malware.

AVG operates in the background anytime the system gets turned on and whenever the program finds the threat, it instantly alerts you as well as puts infected files into quarantine to make sure that you cannot access them accidentally. Then, you can remove files with just some clicks. AVG works well with Android devices, Mac, and PC.

There is a reason why AVG Protection free is the best choice for those who wish to ensure the safety of their system as it assures them complete and effective protection –

·     Minimal Impact

·     Daily Updates

·     File Shredder

·     Passive Mode

Plans and Pricing

The company’s basic plan is AVG Protection free and AVG Internet Security is the next step along with a yearly cost and additional features.

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Here is the list of those features which are offered by the free version of AVG Protection –

·     Stops Malware

·     Scans for the Performance Issues

·     Blocks unsafe downloads and links

·     Real-time safety updates

Free Internet Security Trial

AVG offers the free 1-month trial for Internet Security without the need of any credit card. After the completion of a month, in case you opt for not continuing with the updated package, you will automatically revert to its AVG free version.

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Usability and Features

The AVG Protection free has a lot of handy features which are generally reserved for the paid subscriptions, and the customization options permit you for choosing when and how the virus scans happen.

Passive Mode

In case you already have the built-in antivirus program on the system, still, you can download AVG as the backup. The passive mode of AVG Antivirus permits it for running as backup security while not interrupting the primary antivirus program of your system. In case AVG catches something that is missed by the primary program, it will quickly alert you.

Scan Controls

AVG has many options for customizing the conducting of scans. You can schedule the scans for the specific times, exclude the particular files from getting scanned and can even adjust the scan’s intensity for minimizing the impact on the computer speeds.

File Shredder

AVG Protection free comes with the file shredder that allows you to wipe the files permanently using the cutting-edge technology.

Installation and Download

The AVG Antivirus free version has a lot of useful features which are generally reserved for the paid subscriptions. Its personalization options permit you to decide when and how the virus scans happen.

Also, the overall installation procedure of AVG Protection free takes only 3 minutes from the beginning to the very end.

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