AVG Free Edition

Keeping your devices such as PCs, laptops, Mac books, as well as smart phones, secure and protected from cyber attacks, and data and identity thefts is necessary. One of the best antiviruses in the industry, AVG free edition is a well-rounded software. Its installation is super-easy and lightening-fast. It is a software that has been designed especially for personal or family use and its user interface is refreshingly simple and elegant. So, if you are worried that lack of advanced technical knowledge will cost you and make you vulnerable to cyber attacks, AVG antivirus is the one to trust.

The AVG free edition antivirus is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. For Apple users, iOS 10.10 Yosemite or above is required, and for Android users, Android 5.0 or above is required. For those who wish to keep their data safe without paying a hefty price for it, AVG free edition comes to their rescue. It has real-time security updates and discreetly works in the background, detecting and removing malware before it damages your device and data. With its automatic and regular updates, you do not have to worry about ever being vulnerable to any new threat that might have entered the cyber net. Any new threat picked up by the software is sent for further analysis at the AVG Lab, and the security measures from the new malware are sent out to all the AVG users in the next update. This ensures that your device is never left vulnerable.

The antivirus software has a spam and email filter feature that scans all the email attachments for any suspicious links and spyware before you open them. It blocks access to any unsafe links or websites. One of the major features of AVG free edition is that a suspicious file once detected, is kept in quarantine. If you try to open the infected file, the software issues a warning and tells you exactly what is in the file/folder. You can ask the software to return the file if you are sure of its origin and know that accessing the file won’t damage your device.

There are different types of scans offered in the AVG free edition which efficiently detect viruses. The basic Computer Scan sweeps the entire computer for any hidden threats or suspicious activities. The Deep Scan is a much more intensive analysis of the device. The USB/DVD Scan inspects any external or removable device attached to the PC for malware and threats. If the user wants to target a folder, the File or Folder Scan effectively scans the selected file/folder to make sure whether it is safe for opening or not. The Performance Scans troubleshoots performance problems within the device and gets rid of junk files.

AVG free edition software provides a lag-free and smooth experience. It safeguards your device from various threats, online as well as offline. It can also co-efficiently work in a passive mode, as secondary antivirus software. If you have previously installed antivirus software such as Windows Defender, you can still install AVG antivirus software, without having to deactivate or uninstall the primary antivirus software.

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