Adaware Upgrade

Even with all the basic protection available in a free antivirus software, users sometimes need more security for their devices. With each dawn comes a plethora of new malicious malware ready to attack unaware users. Not all free antivirus software have the power to keep all of such malware away. Therefore the need to upgrade to a commercial product with advanced security tools and features arises. With Adaware Upgrade, users can seamlessly switch from one product to the next without any hassles or having to install any additional programs. All that the user needs to do is select the ‘Home’ option from the Adaware antivirus software and then click on the ‘Upgrade’ button. This will take the user to a secure payment gateway for the required upgrade. The upgrade key lets the user access the additional security features that he or she has paid for.

The security needs of the user are constantly changing. Therefore, if an easy upgrade option is available, the user won’t have to think twice before making the purchase. With Adaware Upgrade, users can update their security features from the ones that are free to various other paid security features. An upgrade to the Personal version would add an advanced web filter and an active virus control feature in the mix. The users can, therefore, be protected from various phishing attacks and the antivirus will also monitor the apps and programs on the system. Users can also upgrade to the paid Adaware Antivirus Pro that is priced at a decent Rs. 2553 per year. Along with the basic features that come with the free and personal versions, the advanced security features offered with the Adaware Upgrade are:

  • Web Protection- blocks potentially dangerous websites and other online threats from damaging the device.
  • Safe Banking tools- help in securing user’s financial data from cybercriminals, so that users can perform net banking tasks or do online shopping without having to worry about cyber-attacks.
  • Advanced Firewall- helps in shielding the user’s data and device from malicious threats and prying eyes.
  • Email Protection- detects and removes emails with infected links and attachments from the inbox with the help of advanced antispam filters.
  • Network Protection- the advanced network monitoring systems block unauthorized devices and intruders from accessing the security network.
  • Customer Support- 24×7 unlimited customer support resolves customer queries quickly and efficiently.

Another Adaware Upgrade offered by the antivirus giant is the Adaware Antivirus Total. It is powered with the most advanced state of the art detection and threat blocking algorithms. It has the features of the free version, personal version, and Adaware Antivirus Pro. Adaware antivirus total provides complete protection against malware, ransomware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, etc. Apart from these security features, the antivirus software also offers advanced parental controls that help parents keep a tab on their kid’s online activity and block inappropriate websites. The Digital Lock ensures further security of sensitive data with advanced encryption and the File Shredder helps in deleting confidential data permanently. With an Adaware Upgrade, the user can get access to many advanced security tools and features within a budget.

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