Adaware Free Download Full Version

Lavasoft, the antivirus giant has been providing unmatched security tools and features in its various antivirus products since 1999. With a huge success after the launch of its first antivirus product, the company gained the reputation of the top-of-the-line antivirus software. Over the years, the company now known as Adaware realized the importance of a free antivirus program. It launched the Adaware free download full version that offers the users various security features and tools to keep their data and devices protected from cyber threats.

Not all users wish to pay for an antivirus software that provides basic protection for their systems. Therefore Adaware’s free antivirus software comes to the rescue of users who do not use the internet extensively but wish to keep their PCs safe from any malicious malware and dangerous viruses. With Adaware antivirus software downloaded on their systems, users can perform basic functions on their device, browse the internet, etc. without having to worry about any cyber-criminals sneaking into their systems. The Adaware free download full version also comes with regular and automatic updates against the known as well as the emerging crop of malware that threaten to disrupt the digital world every day. The free antivirus software itself is light on the system and quite easy to use. Its user interface is refreshingly simple and even a novice can navigate through it easily. All the main features that are needed the most are displayed on the dashboard, with the option to enable or disable them as per the user’s requirement.

The technicians at Adaware constantly work towards making the antivirus software and its features better and up-to-date. With the Adaware free download full version, the user’s device is protected against various e-threats in real-time. It continuously sweeps the entire system for any hidden threats. It detects and eliminates any suspicious items that may have been downloaded without the permission of the user, before the infection can spread to the entire system. Unlike any other traditional antivirus software, Adaware comes with a virtual sandbox. It is a useful tool that helps in launching and analyzing any suspicious file in a secure environment that is provided by the antivirus. The software also scans and blocks any suspicious website from launching an attack on the user’s device. Adaware free download full version runs all the URLs against its database that contains information on known malicious websites and other web pages that contain phishing links and spam. The antivirus software comes with a Quick Scan feature that scans all the active apps and programs, and the Full Scan feature that performs an in-depth analysis of each and every file to sweep the system for any hidden threats. Users can also scan any target file or folder manually by a right-click on the file’s icon. The Silent Mode that the antivirus comes with helps the user to play games or watch movies uninterrupted. It suspends notifications and also reduces the impact on the system’s performance.

The award-winning Adaware free download full version has been serving the antivirus sector with top-notch security features for long. Its amazing security features provide all-round protection to millions of users worldwide.

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