Adaware Software

 Adaware Software has designed its Antivirus products with proprietary technology to offer maximum defense against gruesome cyber infections and spyware attacks. Adaware Software offers three different ranges of AV products (Adaware Antivirus Free, Adaware Antivirus Pro, and Adaware Antivirus Total) making it easy for the users to pick ideal solutions according to their taste. Each product is programmed with high sound technology and powered by mighty scanning engines to filter out stubborn malicious files from every corner of the storage.

 Each product of Adaware Software is designed for automatic updates so that users do not have to bother themselves to look for the latest updates.  The products do not cause system slowdowns, although they run restlessly in the system’s backgrounds. Adaware Software is resource convenient and also boosts the speed of system performance by eliminating those corrupted files.

 Adaware Software is powered by award-winning technology that comprehends advanced protection features to offer optimum security and protection against each kind of malware infection regulated by viruses, trojans, rootkits, and ransomware. Adaware Software has secured the highest position for its detection accuracy and has been announced a champion in multiple security tests conducted by independent labs.

  Adaware software features a firewall shield that keeps your confidential data and identity from intrusive networks run by cyber evils. The program also scans emails and attachments to prevent threats. Adaware Software is powered by a brilliant network monitor that blocks every prying network that wants to indulge in unauthorized access to your network. It protects your confidential files with advanced security encryption. Adaware Software has File-Shredder to let you erase tender files without leaving a trace behind. For further queries, customers can directly receive help from Adaware 24/7 technical service.

  Adaware Software defenses against each kind of malware in every possible manner to keep your device protected and Immediately scans downloaded files to detect if anything is wrong. The program scrutinizes every file and app on your device to find out if any of them are infected or processing maliciously. Adaware Software automatically blocks malicious websites before you go through them and immediately sends alerts if you ever shop from or make payments on a corrupted website and saves you from the attacks of cyber scammers. The Parental Control feature helps concerned parents to control their children’s internet activity as well as determine their screentime.

  The Internet has become the most important part of our life and most of the time we have to spend with the internet due to various purposes, it may be work-related or education-related. However, just like its useful sides, the Internet also has its dark corner. Not only for general people, but the advantage of the internet is equally taken by cyber evils to accomplish their evil operation. In this corrupted world of the internet, each PC needs a guard to stay protected. Adaware Software has kept the promise of protection against each malware and spyware attacks since 1999 without a compromise.

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