Adaware Virus Protection

A person needs flu shots to protect them from viruses. There are vaccinations, antibiotics and other protections available. For the computer also, one needs protection from malware and computer viruses. Adaware Virus Protection is the perfect option for the user to protect their system from such dangerous infections. There are many malicious software launched by hackers on an everyday basis that target user data. These malware sneak into the system upon finding a security hole or weakness in the OS. Some spyware use the backdoor of the system to bypass the authentic information of the system. Therefore, reliable antivirus solution such as Adaware is needed to keep the user data and device protected from such malware, ransomware, spyware, and other online threats.

Adaware antivirus software is provided by Adaware, previously known as Lavasoft AB. The antivirus giant started its journey in the late 1990s by launching its flagship product Ad-Aware. Adaware Virus Protection is offered in various products like the commercial anti-spyware product, free antivirus for home use, products to filter malicious URLs, ad blockers, secure web browser, etc. The Ad-aware 11, launched in 2013, has BitDefender’s antivirus engine combined with Adaware’s existing anti-malware technology. In 2015, Adaware licensed the cloud-based malicious URL database of Avira and used it with companies malicious URL filter. By both organic and inorganic growth, the company grew over time and become one of the trusted antivirus brands of the world. The company boasts that it offers freedom to browse. They deliver solutions for a personalized experience. Adaware Virus Protection ensures seamless connections between the user and his world and in the process gives the user his peace of mind.

Adaware antivirus software provides award-winning antivirus protection. Though several users believe in safeguarding their systems from advanced and sophisticated threats such as ransomware, spyware, etc., they forget that the root cause of all these threats are some very dangerous viruses. Therefore, virus protection is all the more necessary. With Adaware antivirus software installed on their systems, users need not worry about any viruses attacking or infecting the devices. It detects and removes malware and viruses in real-time. The antivirus software continuously scans the system for any hidden threats and keeps the system up to date.

The commercial Adaware Virus Protection comes with 24×7 technical support, web protection, online banking and shopping safety, powerful firewall to shield from hackers and network intrusions, real-time email protection, network protection by blocking malicious intrusions with advanced network monitors, digital lock to protect sensitive files, it is provided with military-grade encryption. There is a file shredder option as well for permanently removing sensitive files with military-grade shredding so that deleted files cannot be recovered by hackers. The parental control options let the parents block inappropriate web content.

Some devious viruses camouflage as legitimate websites and ‘safe’ emails that the user clicks on without knowing that the system is being infected with viruses. Adaware Virus Protection ensures that no such viruses are automatically downloaded on the system without authorization. The enhanced and powerful firewall keeps hackers at bay and secures the system.

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