Adaware Antivirus Pro

Adaware Antivirus Pro is one of the best antivirus software and an ad-blocker. It was released as one of the first commercial anti-spyware product in 1999 by the company Lavasoft. Over the years, the company has seen tremendous results and successes, and also changed its name from Lavasoft to Adaware to reflect the same. The company worked continuously towards making its antivirus software better. For this, it even sought help from third-party antivirus software. It added advanced technologies, like Avira’s URL database for malicious malware, and the antivirus engine from Bitdefender software. The antivirus software is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

With Adaware Antivirus Pro keeping their devices secure, users need not worry about any sorts of cyber-attacks. It is one of the most popular antivirus software in the world and more than 450 million users trust the antivirus to keep their devices and data secure. The antivirus giant is aware that the competition in the antivirus software sector has increased manifold since its launch in 1999. Therefore, it offers a 30-day trial version of its commercial products, so that users can themselves work with the advanced protective features and see that the antivirus software keeps its promise of delivering all-round security. The paid version of Adaware Antivirus Pro for 1 PC is priced at a nominal Rs. 2,553 for one year. The subscription comes with award-winning security tools and features developed by the company through continuous analysis and working upon customer feedback.

Some of the important and unique features of the antivirus software are:

  • Complete Antivirus Protection-
    Adaware offers protection against all known as well as unknown malware, spyware, ransomware, and other dangerous threats. It also provides free and automatic threat updates to users to prevent any security gaps and vulnerabilities.
  • Download Protection-
    With this feature, the user can download files from the internet without worrying about any malware attaching itself to the file and sneaking into the system. Adaware Antivirus Pro scans all the downloaded files for potential threats before they can do any damage to the system.
  • Email Protection-
    The antivirus software also scans all email attachments and links for any malware with the help of advanced spam filters.
  • Web Protection-
    Adaware antivirus software detects and blocks malicious websites and untrusted links. The user can safely browse the web while the antivirus keeps infected URLs and websites at bay.
  • Safe Banking-
    A very important feature in this digital era is safe online shopping and payment methods. This feature protects users from hackers and ransomware attacks and keeps the sensitive financial data and credentials secure.
  • Network Security-
    Adaware antivirus monitors the user’s home network as well as system activities to ensure that no unauthorized device or app is making any changes in the system via the home network.
  • Enhanced Firewall-
    Adaware Antivirus Pro comes equipped with multiple security layers that keep the user data and device safe from spies and hackers.
  • Customer Support-
    unlike other traditional antivirus software, Adaware antivirus offers constant customer care and technical support 24×7, which makes it an excellent choice of antivirus.

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