Adaware Computer Virus Protection

With the continuous development of the world, new ways of cyber attacks are also getting advanced. The internet is now one of the most crucial parts of everyday life and knowing this fact, Cybercriminals have chosen the path of the internet as their easiest medium for attacking. The widespread malware through the internet has now become a tough challenge for those who run their Computers on the internet regularly. Truth to be told, One can not stop malware from spreading, but there are ways to stop them from infecting computers simply by installing the Virus Protection program. Adaware Computer Virus Protection has always been the expert’s choice since 1999 for its excellent results in multiple tests such as performance, detection, usability and many more, conducted by distinct labs.

  Adaware Computer Virus Protection or Adware Antivirus Free comprehends brilliant security features to offer real-time defense against advanced malware threats. Adaware Computer Virus Protection is designed for automatic update installation so that users can take rest while the program is doing its job. Adaware Computer Virus Protection comes with minimum system requirements such as MS Windows installer version should be minimum 4.5, 1.8GB free space in the hard disk, 1.6MHz processor and 1GB RAM. Adaware Computer Virus Protection is compatible with Windows 10/8/8.1/7.

  Although Adaware Computer Virus Protection runs constantly in the system’s background, it neither slows down the system performance nor over consumes the power resource. It rather runs a microscopic scan through the entire system to detect stubborn malicious files hidden in every possible corner and eliminates them who are actually responsible for such inconveniences like system slowdowns, heating up and high battery drainage.

  Adaware Computer Virus Protection also scans emails and email attachments to check if any of them is suspicious. It also scans all downloaded files and notifies the user if they are ideal, otherwise, it removes all those malicious files before they get a chance to cause harm to the computer. Adaware Computer Virus Protection immediately alerts the user if they land on any dangerous website and also scans the URL address of the sites and blocks unsafe sites that are not using HTTPS  protocol in their web address.

  Users who are looking for extra security for their computer can upgrade to Pro and Total versions of Adaware Computer Virus Protection. These upgraded products include additional effective features such as web protection, antiphishing, Parental control, Firewall shield, Email Scanner, Network protection, Wifi Security, file-shredder, advanced encryption of files and 24/7 technical support. The products are –

Adaware Antivirus Pro and Adaware Antivirus Total.

  Adaware Computer Virus Protection products are simply designed to allow the users to take please of the wonderful facilities of the internet like watching movies, videos, shopping online, reading articles, surfing through the web, making payments and deals with complete mind’s satisfaction without fearing of cyberattacks. Adaware Computer Virus Protection promises to keep the Computers 100% safe and secured from each kind of malware and spyware attacks with zero compromises.

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