Adaware Free Virus Protection

Keeping the data secure from hackers and other cyber threats has become nearly impossible these days, especially without a reliable antivirus software present to have the user’s back when facing troublesome malware. Adaware free virus protection is a product offered by Adaware, previously known as Lavasoft AB. The journey of the antivirus company started in 1999 and is going strong even now. There are various commercial products offered by the company and its free version of Adaware virus protection also provides world-class security to users who need basic protection. There are various kinds of viruses cropping up every day to create mayhem in the digital world. Adaware antivirus software helps in keeping important data secure from such malicious software.

The amazing free antivirus software is a light program that does not take up too much space on the system. The Adaware Free Virus Protection provides seamless protection against online security threats and is updated to the minute. The virus detection system continuously works in the background, eliminating threats in real-time. It automatically scans, blocks and removes viruses before they can harm the system. It also keeps a check on all the active downloads to ensure that no malicious software enters the system under disguise or hidden among legitimate files. The antivirus gets high ratings from independent antivirus testers. Apart from various security tools and features, the free antivirus software also offers various scanning features to keep the device virus-free. The Full Scan option offered with the Adaware Free Virus Protection sweeps the entire system for any threats that might be clinging on in the nooks and crooks. The Quick Scan runs a fast scan on all the active apps and programs on the device. Users can also manually scan any suspicious file or folder with the help of the Custom Scan. The amazing Scheduled Scan option lets the user set a particular time and day for an automatic scan of the device. With such automatic scans, the user can be assured that no threat will go untreated on their system.

The free antivirus software is fully compatible with various Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and even the latest Windows 10. Adaware Free Virus Protection comes equipped with an ‘Active Virus Control’ feature that proactively monitors apps installed on the system to detect if any of the programs are displaying suspicious or malware-like behavior. The user interface of Adaware antivirus software is clean and refreshing. All the main security features are displayed on the dashboard along with the scanning tools. Although many users might not trust an antivirus that has the word ‘free’ attached to it, but Adaware is not like the traditional antivirus software. It has been serving in the antivirus sector since a long time with great results and millions of users to testify the same. Once the user downloads Adaware Free Virus Protection on their device, they won’t feel the need for any additional or even paid antivirus subscription as Adaware covers all aspects of basic virus protection.

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