Adaware Spyware

Spyware is malicious software that accesses a user’s device without any authorization. It steals sensitive data of the user and also keeps a tab on their internet behavior. To keep systems protected from such malicious software, it is important to download and install reliable antivirus software that provides proper protection from such threats. Adaware Spyware and antivirus software is one such product that provides all-round protection to users’ data and devices. Even users who carefully surf the internet, not visit unsecured websites or click on unknown links can also fall prey to spyware. This malicious software can sneak into the system through e-mail, downloads, vulnerable or outdated applications, instant messengers, etc. therefore, it is necessary that the antivirus software installed on the system provides security measures and tools to all the facets of a device that can be exploited by spyware.

Adaware antivirus software has been delivering the best online protection to millions of users all over the world since 1999. With Adaware Spyware installed on their systems, the users do not have to worry about ever being vulnerable to any sort of spyware or any other cyber-attack. The antivirus software offers regular and automatic updates against known as well as emerging malware and spyware. Therefore, no device is ever at the risk of being infected with a newly launched spyware, since Adaware keeps a check on all new threats. The antivirus company offers various free as well as commercial products for the protection of the user’s device and data. Its free version comes with a real-time threat assessment feature. The software recognizes spyware and the Adaware Spyware removes the threat before it can even touch the data on the system. The antivirus software also comes with a download protection feature that scans all the active downloads for any malicious spyware that might be trying to sneak in camouflaging among other legitimate programs or apps.

There are several cybersecurity features offered by Adaware antivirus software that help keep spyware away from the device.

  • Enhanced Firewall-
    A powerful firewall is necessary to shield users from hackers and other threats. Adaware’s firewall offers advanced protection from such threats and network intruders.

  • Online Protection-
    A malicious software or spyware can worm its way into the device through the internet. Adaware Spyware detects and blocks any malicious websites or suspicious links in real-time before the user can even click on the web-page. The antivirus software removes such e-threats effectively. It also removes any infected files that are already present in the system.

  • Safe Banking and Shopping-
    With Adaware antivirus software, users can safely shop online and perform net banking without having to worry about identity theft and ransomware.

  • Email Protection-
    The antivirus software scans all the attachments and links in the user’s mailbox to detect and remove any spyware or other threats present.

  • Network Security-
    Its advanced network monitoring system helps keep unauthorized devices and intruders from accessing the home network of the user.

  • Digital Lock-
    This is another amazing feature from Adaware Spyware. It helps protect sensitive files from getting attacked by securely encrypting them.

  • File Shredder-
    This tool helps in deleting sensitive files permanently from the system so that even hackers and spyware programs cannot retrieve the data for misuse.

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